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  1. I think the only difference between the ’40s QDL and Aristo are strips of felt under the ribbon cover and possibly inside the body that make the QDL “quiet”. There really is no difference in sound.

    And hey look, I see some of my typewriters in that screenshot :D

    1. ahh yes, the sound. Certainly different than my late-40’s QDL’s.. less liquid but still muted and pleasant with nice, thin clickity-clicks. It’s a good Royal-ly sound with overtones of silky noir. :D

  2. Congratulations on 3500!

    Sure is a great looking Aristocrat. I have neither a QDL or Arisocrat although both have been on the wishlist for several years.

  3. It’s a fantastic and enjoyable project with a playful aspect, and that’s, among other things, why it works. Thanks to the ever so enthousiastic RRTM! Greetings to all fellow typewriter hunters, and GOOD LUCK typewriter hunting!

  4. Things a bit quiet for me this ITAM, except for a few odd online sightings which I may add to the TWDB (with serial numbers of course) :)

  5. I just sort of prematurely inherited from my still-living great-grandfather’s attic a typewriter he says is a Remington 17. I’m cruising the cyber sites about typewriters to get an idea of how to clean it and get it working. Bringing it back to the college dorm caused a lot of questions.

    I have a question, if you will allow my presumption in being curious about something you might feel is very personal. Are you an ordained clergyman? Specifically, are you a bishop? In my church, Episcopal, “Right Reverend” is a title usually held by bishops, and “Very Reverend” is the title for deans of cathedrals. Just curious.

    I’m asking people I know if there would be any interest in getting up a letter writing or typosphere group here. No interest thus far which is odd given the general nerdiness of myself and my friends.

    Interesting and informative blog!

    1. Re: ordained, yes. I’ve been ordained under 3 different churches, but my current ordination is Pentecostal Jubalist, an obscure desert sect that follows the teachings of the Prophet Michael Smith. Being all things to all men, we play somewhat more loose with authority and identity than the Episcopalians. (:

  6. Congratulations on the database milestone! (Dwayne sheepishly realizing he has contributed NOTHING to the collection.)

  7. There’s quite a lot of traffic on the facebbok typewriter thing. Often with queries which can only (well, most easily) be answered with a quick lint to the ‘base. I get the feeling this can sometimes translate to new traffic for you (for all of us) – I hope so. As they say in the States, “way to go!”

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