The Internets Go Boom this morning…

I awoke from a dream at about 3am this morning, feeling uneasy. As one does, I wandered to the glowing screen to check mail and such, and found that the TWDB was unreachable. First thing I checked was the server itself – doing a remote reboot when I couldn’t get to the admin interface.  After some back and forth with the support guys at the server farm who assured me the server was fine, and that they could get to it ok and everything was resolving for them, I went looking for problems external.

Then I remembered last years massive DNS outage at ENOM, where a pretty good chunk of the backbone DNS servers for the internet went bye-bye for a few hours. Had it happened again? A check of ENOM’s support system indicated no special alerts, but that didn’t mean anything, as they were retardedly late in explaining anything last year. My best bet would be the news:

Yep, there we go. Nothing I can do about it so I went back to sleep. Woke up about 9am to find sites still intermittent, but sometimes resolving, and as of 10am things seem to be up and steady.

Still no response to my support ticket at ENOM itself, other than them closing it without comment. They seem to have issued an official statement finally:

We experienced a DNS outage this morning that affected some of our customers. We have resolved this issue and are investigating the cause and ways, if possible, to avoid this happening in the future.

Great, so maybe this won’t be a yearly thing anymore then?

Well, at least the Skyriter currently on my desk still works. (:


Updated: March 9, 2015 — 12:12 pm


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  1. Relatedly, one of my mobile devices uses the “” URL, which today has expired on Godaddy. I panicked for a few minutes until I realized there’s the “typosphere.blogspot” URL. S someone still needs to reregister that domain name.

    1. I’m not sure who picked it up in the first place, but I’d suspect Mike Clemens or Richard Polt would know. The original registrant has 30 days to renew after it expires (it’ll be in “registrar lock” during that time) then supposedly it goes on the open market. Considering it’s traffic, I suspect it might get stuck in auction hell like was unless the original registrant rescues it.

      bleah, that means I gotta redo my banners and links. :P

      1. redirect to blogspot now working. Ryan (Magic Margin?) jumped to the rescue.

  2. Alert I left as comment at should find the right person.

  3. I’m glad things are up and running. I was just on the site 5 minutes ago.

  4. Even your problems are cooler than most people’s.

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