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  1. These are about the most impressive typecasts ever. The irregular vertical alignment adds some charm.

    Gotta love “gaoled.”

    1. well, the irregular alignment and the normal punctuation being replaced with technical symbols on this particular ball, leading to nonsensical superscripts. All part of the fun! I got a number of special elements in the last font trade – can’t wait to try out the French, German and Latin ones. :D

  2. Good to hear these two pieces of great news. I am glad that your freeways may be (relatively) safe again and that ProfessorC may take on the NYC Composers.

    Off topic and off target: where did you find the background image that you are currently using? It looks like a page from a very detailed repair manual. I want a repair manual like that.

    1. it’s from the SCM 5 Series adjustment manual, found in the TWDB file library (:

      1. Ah! I hadn’t downloaded that one – now I have it. I do love TWDB.

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