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  1. One of my favorite typefaces!

  2. I have a Copperplate Gothic for my Selectric II.

    I used it to type a letterhead for stationery. Centering had to be done manually,the old “backspace for every two letters in the title.” (Starting at the center of the line, of course).

  3. By the way, my typeball has both caps, and a smaller caps for lower case. When creating a letterhead, I used all caps for my name, then lower case for the address. It too would print in all caps, but a smaller font.

    1. Interesting – I’ve not seen a specific Copperplate Gothic ball for SII, the one I have for that machine is called “Forms 1” and it has a number of “drawing” characters for making forms, but also has Copperplate Gothic in 2 sizes, one as a small superscript.

      For the Composer, there are actually 3 different CG balls, the one I have with one case and a bunch of drawing characters, a “dual-case” ball with two sizes of text on it, and one with one case and more fractions than you can shake a stick at..

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