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  1. Jealousy is not a good personal trait, yet there I am, green with envy I tells ‘ya.

    This is what I get for deciding that ten is enough. I think GAS is a lifelong ailment. The only therapy being more typing.


    ~Joe Van Cleave

  2. Congratulations! A great machine and for only $10.00!!!

  3. Lucky, lucky you! Apparently it’s Cool & Affordable Typewriter Season in the desert. January brought the Adler; February, the Triumph. What will March bring?

    1. I have to say I’m enjoying this respite from the same old SCM Galaxies I usually have to choose from. If this year brings a few more nice German imports, I can hang with that. (:

  4. Damn. Mine cost me $70 AUD! (still worth it though)

      1. Can honestly say I never expected to see one of these in my hunting grounds, but that’s all part of the surprise when it does happen :D

  5. Still seems to be closed season here but spring’s a-coming. That’s a RaRo set of slugs too! Nice.

  6. Had to revisit this as I noticed on your more recent post the w looked like that on my Facits and Adlers. It looks nearly the same, but Facit used slugs from CSA. I think Adler used the same RaRo slugs.

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