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  1. Your diagnose about the rubber gasket being fused to the poles of the base is correct. Leverage and patience was my method…

  2. I remember having the same problem with a Perfekt on its base. I finally used brute force, but am not sure that was the best solution. Can’t recall exactly what happened afterwards … I think it made it to Mark Petersen’s collection, separate from its base and with no way to attach it.

    So many typewriters . . . . . . .

    1. I was afraid of that, but I think I see another solution. Taking the ribbon cover off (and noting that the shell can’t be removed without taking the base off first, it’s apparently pinned on) I shined a flashlight down onto the tops of the pins that run through the center of the rubber grommet. I note they are held on by simple c-clips from the top. I should be able to jimmy the pins out from above…

      1. Yep, that’s the ticket. pop the c-clips off from above with an icepick, and it lifts right out, leaving the rubber grommets stuck in the frame for later extraction without damage! :D

  3. Want a temporary “fix” for the hard platen? wrap a piece of black paper around the platen. It sort of looks like it belongs there,and will serve the same purpose of backing sheets. You can sort of taper the outside edge, so it will not line up behind a line of letters and show.

  4. Same problem with my Adler machines. The gaskets get fused to the base. Gentle continuous probing with a headgasket scraper eventually pried mine loose. I do not know about Perfekt cases, but Adler uses a semi-circular molding on the case so the typewriter slides into the correct location from the front. Probing, scraping and such had to be done from the front only. Of course that is the most difficult place to get into.

    Looks like the same type slugs Facit and Adler used.

  5. Glad you weren’t tempted to throw the whole thing in the fire to burn the wood off :-) That’s a fine typeface and a sleek looking machine!

  6. I like that typeface – cool machine.

  7. I just picked up one of these today. Same two tone color scheme and everything. Mine was also stuck to the case but many thanks to munk for the advice regarding the c-clips. They were a little tricky to pop off but once they were off, the typewriter indeed lifted clean off the bottom lid. An otherwise immaculate machine.

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