let’s take a little trip to 1963: Olympia/ITC letterhead & SM Cases and Tools

I dunno about you, but I could use a palate cleanser after last night’s bitter swallow. I’ll console myself with scanning some Olympia parts manuals, here’s some pretty stuff from what’s scanned so far…

olyitc-lh scn_0042 scn_0044 scn_0046 scn_0096 scn_0097 scn_0098 scn_0099 scn_0106well, that tool list shows why it’s so tough to get at some of the important adjustment points in an SM. Just take a look at them silly-straw wrenches! /:

Updated: November 9, 2016 — 9:11 am


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  1. That is some very nice information. Thanks for posting.
    Last night was a bitter pill no matter which of the major party candidate won. Too bad Bernie got schistered out of the nomination and Senator Warren did not run.

  2. Ohhh look at those tools… golly. It makes me wonder where any or all of the repair kits for these went to. I have a secret dream of finding the troll hoard someday… 😊

    1. They sometimes come up on ebay. that’s why it pays to study the tool lists so you can recognize them when you see them (:

  3. Hi, I have an Olympia SM 9, and I use it at work to type Rolodex cards and stuff like that, and I’ll tell you–it’s heavy! Like carrying a couple of cinder blocks around. Anyway, in response to the post I’d just note that the case hardware and especially the handles must’ve been tough unless I’ve misidentified my machine. Mine doesn’t now have a case; if I do have to move it, I’ll find my hand truck. It was fun to see what a case would’ve looked like, however. Maybe someday I’ll make a case for it out of plywood and shortened ratchet straps. Someday!

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