8th Phoenix Type-In Report, and an afterparty with the Albuqwerty Type Writer Society

Nice selection of books available at Changing Hands. I didn’t have the “Typewriter Rodeo” one yet, so I got a copy of that one.

The typewriters were pretty busy. Although it seemed like there wasn’t much more than 30 people around at once, I noticed that the people seemed to completely change from one hour to the next. I suspect there may have been more like 90 or 100 people floating through and stopping by over the whole event.

Magic Margin!

Somehow Joe ended up with the prize Skyriter even though Kevin won it. I don’t think Kevin minded, though – he came out with a nice Tower Commander – a match to the one I got from Eric at the last Type-In!

Bill Wahl checking out “California Typewriter” playing on one of the big TVs.

Joe’s Rocket needs a mainspring. Bill’s gonna take a look tomorrow.

Kevin’s Godrej Prima – first time I’ve tried one of these India-made machines. I was very nicely surprised to find it’s well-built and a solid rock to type on. Seemed to me to be as good as any SG-1, except the design seems easier to work on.

Joe’s “Adobe Rose” loaded with receipt tape. Now them’s typecaster margins, but I think the 2 1/2″ strip might even be a little small.

I had a couple of “The Hermes”, very tasty! (:

Cameron (the Daily Platen) and Joe Van Cleave

Joe VC and Kevin, of the Albuqwerty Type Writer Society

Weapon of Choice (mostly): Adwoa, 1961 Swissa Junior

Another Type-In button for the camera strap!

Updated: June 25, 2018 — 1:10 pm


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  1. Good to see you had a great type-in. I noticed 2 books I need to acquire. Where’d you get California Typewriter on film? Mine’s a DVD :)

  2. It was really fun, and might be the best one so far this year!

    1. Agree, but there’ll still be more chances for another “best” one of 2018 :D

  3. Excellent reporting from the type-in and afterparty. Makes me wish I lived nearer so I could come to gape at all the typospherian celebrities and cool typewriters.

    1. You’d end up taking some machines home, you know. There’s always a few “needs help” machines that people are looking to pass along.

  4. Colourful post, nice event, interesting shirts! ;D

    1. Ha! I didn’t notice that we were all wearing various colorful Hawaiian shirts :D

  5. Great event. I liked your change of color and type styles throughout. I hope one day to travel the country and type-in! Thanks for the report!

    1. Or you could throw your own (:
      That’s the general idea behind the Albuqwerty Type Writer Society – just a couple guys getting together and typing, listening to 78’s, and a bit of drinkin’/smokin’. Wherever two or more are gathered… :D

  6. Great write-up and photos! I got a chance to type on one of those tiny three-bank Coronas last Tuesday at the local meetup. It was probably a newer model, though—I don’t remember the FIG functionality or the button hanging out on its own to the right of the carriage. What is that?

    1. Hmmn, the FIG key is on all 3-bank machines, and operates the “second shift”, IE: “shift shifts the carriage *up* for capitals, and “FIG” shifts the carriage *higher* to access the “figures” or numbers/punctuation.
      On the Corona 3 early models, the key hanging out there on the right is a backspacer, I think. (:

      1. Oh yeah, I understand the FIG key. I only meant that I didn’t remember seeing it on the Corona at last week’s meeting. Thanks for explaining about the other!

  7. Just got in to town, offloaded the baggage and typewriters. In Peyson we found a little blue Samsonite suitcase in a thrift store for the Skyriter – plus enough room for booze and cigars: a writer’s kit.

    Spent almost 3 hours at Bill’s shop before we hit the road.

    Thank you for the hospitality and fellowship.

    1. Thanks for coming to our state for the fellowship! It’s a blast to hang out with the Albuqwerty set (:

      Sorry I didn’t make it to Bill’s today. It got busy in the morning. ):

  8. Bueno, Ted! Very nice write up, I enjoyed it immensely.

  9. Great write-up, Ted! The bar staff and I got a kick out of reading it. I’ve already got some ideas for the next Phoenix Type-In (or… Type-Out?) and cannot wait for Jeremiah’s next Chandler event. :)

    1. Still kicking myself that I missed this event somehow… I had my Hermes in to Bill’s shop right around the same time, not sure if it was before or after, but if it was before I must have missed the darn flyer.

      I don’t want to miss the next one! Is the Type-Out in the fall a definite thing? I live in Buckeye, so while the Phoenix Changing hands is a reasonable stretch, Chandler is a really long one. If there were better parking, I’d offer to host a West Valley event out here!

      1. Keep your eye on Changing Hands’ events calendar for the next Phoenix one, they’ve been announcing them over a month in advance. Or just keep your eye here, I always announce them (:

  10. Phoenix Type-In 2019 is happening Sunday, June 23rd, from 11am – 3pm. Be there or be elsewhere! Also, in the far east valley there’s the Chandler Sunset Library Type-In coming up this Saturday June 1st from 10:30am-12:30pm. I’ll be at both!

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