Inspiration and more reports from the 8th Phoenix Type-In: Brought to you by the Letters PR-10-M

Weapon of Choice: “Mothra”, 1972 IBM Selectric Composer

The Quirky Qwerty’s Report

Joe VC’s “Smuggling Typewriters to Phoenix” report and first video review of some of the movers & shakers in the AZ scene.

Joe’s second video interview from the 8th Phoenix Type-In – This one’s about MEMEME!

Updated: July 1, 2018 — 3:34 pm


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  1. Man, that skinny roll in Mothra looks odd! So much wasted space.

    I need to try the 3-1/8” paper, would be near ideal for typecasts with elite font machines.

  2. I never gave thermal paper a thought for typing since I dislike it so much in general. Good point for using it for blogging is that it is near the same width as the area of most blogs.

    1. Heh, when one has a paper fetish, one tends to pick up interesting packets and rolls when you see them. I buy the bigger fax rolls for the thermal mini-wedges I have, and saw a bunch of these 3 1/8″ thermal rolls once. for 50 cents, I had to get one, and now I’ve found a reason to use it :D

  3. Your use of Mothra for this post inspired me to re-visit the story of the artist who needed a Composer for an art/poetry project and who drove from Utah to Arkansas to pick up a Composer from ProfessorC.

    1. heh, these things are full of stories – are treasures to seek and find. This one has like 70 more balls to go through before I run out of unique “Brought to you by the letters” posts.. :D

  4. I mailed a typed letter to my sister on receipt paper, just to help confirm that I’m a weirdo. It worked. ~TH~

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