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  1. That sideways exclamation mark is worth the price of admission.

    I did leaf typing yesterday and some freehand pumpkin carving this morning – really feeling the season.

    1. My very favorite time of year! (:

  2. Nice! I’m surprised the white marks are so vivid.

    1. Yeah, it might be a little bit stark. I think it might work better on different leaves/machines. I don’t have a Mulberry anymore, though..

  3. Love that “!”

    I’ve added the manual to my online collection, thanks.

  4. Does anybody know where to get ink ribbon for the Buddy L Easy 200? My 8 yr old wants a typewriter for Christmas. I’ve seen this one multiple times on Ebay and such for a reasonable price but want to make sure I can get an ink ribbon before buying!

    1. It takes a normal sized ink ribbon, but you have to spool it on the original spools. Spools that come with modern ribbons may not fit.

  5. Ebay has all the ribbons your Buddy L Easy writer 200 will ever need.

    I just bought my Buddy L Easy writer 200 and it will be delivered in 3 days. I also bought a new ribbon for it.

    1. Larry, might you share a link or item from eBay for original ribbon or spools? I’m having a hard time finding original spools and modifying existing ones doesn’t feel optimal. My 4 y/o has expressed interest in a typewriter and we’re supporting that over the screened devices for as long as we can! Many thanks, Julien

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