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  1. I’m not quite sure what to do with QR codes in this Post-Digital World, but they sure do remind me of back in the day. I’m trying to explain to the kids how they were used but they just give me blank stares followed by “Why didn’t they just look it up in a card catalog?”

    1. ya takes advantage of what’s in front of ya (:

  2. Nice job Ted. I seem to spend half my life doing artwork for leaflets like this and often a client will ask for a tri-fold. Why is it a tri-fold when there are only two folds? Hence I always refer to them as DL, 6pp. I’d be in on this if I’d ever tried my hand at fiction. Well, I did a little, a few years ago and if I ever find the pages I need to burn them. Cliché-ridden garbage. All power to those who can though!

  3. Nice! You should publish one often and offer the file for print to those holding type-ins or other typewriter events. Even in black and white these would be great ads to any event.

  4. Very cool indeed dear reverend.

  5. Most excellent, Rev! Any chance you could bring the ol’ Typewriter Round-Up banner to Sunday’s Type-In along with a few of these brochures for new members of the revolution?

  6. Looks great, and thanks for advertising my type-in in the brochure. See you tomorrow!

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