Report from Typewriter Harvest 2018 Type-In

As per usual, I spent my time at the Type-In chatting with folks and occasionally helping the mystified newcomer figure out the carriage return and how to make exclamation points rather than typing anything of substance, but I did try to hit every machine and get an impression off…

Some computer generated typewriter art by Brian Goode. He also brought along his father’s Curta Calculator (image on right), so I finally got a chance to examine one up close. (:

Bryan Nelson is the fellow from Texas, he had come into town for a beard-growing contest, for which his luxurious, braided beard was well-suited. :D

a neat Hebrew Hermes 2000. No idea what I was typing, but fun machine! (:

I found out that there are *TWO* competing type-ins happening in AZ on December 8. I’ll be going to the Chandler one, but if you’re on the Westside, try out the West Phoenix Typochondriacs Holiday Type-In (and write a report). I guess it’s a sign of a healthy Type-In community when there’s so many happening that they start bumping into scheduling conflicts. (:

At the end of the Type-in, there’s inevitably a pile of left-behind typescript that I try to gather up for scanning and presentation. Here it is in no particular order:

Updated: November 12, 2018 — 5:01 am


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  1. Great report! See you at the Chandler type-in!

  2. Thank you for the comprehensive and detailed report, as well as for the kind mentions. I think for Great Schism of Type-Ins I’ll have to choose the west side one, as I’m all the way out in Buckeye. So I’m extra glad I got a chance to meet and talk to you. Thanks also for archiving so much of the writing samples. It was great to be able to read all the ones I didn’t have the time to at the event, as well as hold on to a couple of my own that I’m proud of. (Those would be the Dark Lord of Typewriters, these-keys-must-be-broken, and prison typewriter bits. The ones I’m not proud of somebody else can take the credit for.) ‘Till next time!

  3. Sorry I missed the event, but a great write-up. It’s always fun to read people’s typings.

    1. Hey Joe, I like your videos… I’m hoping to meet you @ a Type-In here in Phoenix sometime, so better luck next time for me.

  4. Thanks for taking time to receive the accolades befitting a person famous for his accomplishments in developing the Database… *many* appreciate what you’ve done there, and a bit of ‘fame’ is duly in order :-D

    I had a really good time at my first Type-In… I’m inspired; a foreseeable future milestone happening is percolating, and we ought to discuss.

    I’ll be at the West-side Typochondriacs’ event next month as well (see you there, BrianG)… I do want to support a new Valley group in becoming a good thing, and QuirkyQwerty seems to have abundant momentum without me. But, I’m unwilling to self-identify as a Typochondriac specifically because my itch for more is REAL – something in my blood from when I was 8 and bitten by a yellow beastie I eventually got the better of, but the emotional infection persists; fortunately I’ve learned to self-medicate via hunting & rescuing from the wild… but I digress. It was nice to meet you, I appreciate your consideration.

  5. Wish I could have been there! You will be even more famous when your interview appears in next month’s ETCetera … :)

    The Hermes 3000 types beautifully, and so does the Messa, to my surprise.

    1. heh, hopefully I don’t sound like a raving lunatic. I mighta got a bit evangelical there, now that I read back on it :D

  6. Also, (via your youtube channel) you play guitar? I play bass. We should get together and play awful music together!

    1. oh, Lordy, that was in my intemperate youth… although I’m supposed to go grab my Fender from storage next weekend – we’ll see if the steelwounds are as rusty as I think they are.

      1. Seriously, lemme know! Rusty or not, I’ve got lots of gear and lots of time but nobody to play with. It seems like your band had a sort of goth/shoegazer/emo/post-punk/new wave thing going on, and that’s right in me wheelhouse. :) If you didn’t get one of my business cards, you’ve got my email at least.

  7. Hi there Rev Munk,

    You may already be aware, but the TWBD site is down at the moment – 16 Nov 2018. Just too many people visiting the site :)

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

    1. Got it fixed – looks like we’ve been getting more popular (:

      1. Looks good, thanks :) I’m of to a local antiques fair tomorrow and I might need to look up some serial numbers!

  8. Hi,
    I know this event is long over, but I wish I’d been there to type a message on the Royal Safari. I bought one of those just prior to going to Seminary in KS. Well for nearly three years I typed (literally) hundreds of pages on it. Then the machine went into precipitate decline. As I recall, the line spacing mechanism wouldn’t work correctly. On the right side of the page the lines of type would be, like, single-spaced. On the left, the lines would run downhill somehow. I couldn’t figure out why, so it was back to the ol’ Underwood for awhile, and then I got a Smith-Corona electric with a ribbon cassette. Back to the Safari: what I actually liked was the clarity of the typed text. And I could type fast with it and take the typewriter with me to my weekend job and write some papers with it there. I actually liked the machine: I just wish it had been more robust. I’m glad to see some are still around.

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