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  1. Oh, I can’t wait for the Lettera 32 manual. I hope you get it. I have 1 on the waiting for repairs list at the moment armed with your Lettera 22 Bible.

    Beautiful QDL. I’ve been wanting one for years. Just have not gotten one yet.

  2. It’s funny how some machines do that, the words seem to flow.

    Since you mentioned the early days of the Typosphere, has anyone documented those days? Who were the earliest pioneers? I remember Adwoa and Clemens and Cheryl (Strikethru) and of course Richard Polt. And yourself. But who was the earliest? Seems like ancient history now, at the rate the Internet changes.

    1. not that I know of – it’s been almost a decade, so it’s tough to remember. I seem to recall that at the time I was getting into it (2010-ish), there were already almost a dozen blogs loosely connected by interest and that the “Typosphere” label was either already being bandied about or soon would. It felt pretty fully formed as a concept.

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