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Weapon of Choice: “Indy” 1959 Tower Chieftain III

Oh good Lord, they really changed the post editor in WordPress a bunch with version 5. Hopefully, I can figure it all out and not make this post look as wonky as this new editor is making me feel. :P

Olivetti Lettera 32 Repair & Adjustment manual
one incidental thing I learned from the manual is that there are “Diaspron color” Lettera 32’s. Pretty cocky, naming a color after another one of your models. :D
Also from the manual, we see that it is indeed the very first Lettera 32’s off the line that have the built-in ribbon spool hold-down arms rather than hold-down nuts. They probably should have stuck with the arms.
While I’m testing new balls, might as well tinker. Gotta find a stronger return force spring for the bellcrank actuator. Doesn’t seem to be a screw adjustment to put more tension on that. Surprising.. Weapon of Choice: 1973 13″ Correcting Selectric II
Went to a record swap meet wit Wayne Butane this week. At this point in my record-buying life I hit the dollar bins and look for the swank platters that other people pass up. Number Six barely fits on the table, but where there’s a will there’s a way, and felines got a lot of will.

Updated: February 2, 2019 — 9:43 pm


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  1. I quite like the new WordPress blocks. Seems I can do most of what I could before but move things around a lot easier. Dont seem to be able slip into html editor mode, which I liked to do so I could work on a blog undetected (at work, although I do most of my blogging during my lunch hour if my boss is reading this, you never know). ;)

    1. gah, I hadn’t even thought of the HTML RAW editor – I need that for video embeds & iframe inclusions. I better take a look at that too.
      So far, it’s not awful, except that it now shrinks my typed columns to less than the full column length if the image is more than a certain number of pixels tall. If I can fix that, I might be ok with the changes I guess. /:

      1. Still fumbling my way around. There is a Code Editor option under Tools & Options. :D

  2. I ended up installing a plug-in called Classic Editor to get the old one back.

    1. Me too. That plugin has five stars and over 2 million downloads. I think the people have spoken.

  3. Good to hear the server change is going well. I don’t know about WordPress since I do not use it. On the record buying though I just picked up a bunch of transcriptions. Some as far back as the Lone Ranger as well as news programs from WWII. Not a scratch on any of them. Now to dig out the old Gates CB500 and listen to them. Hey! IT’s I.T.A.M. I gotta do some typing and typecasting.

  4. Oi! The new editor does take some getting used to. It’s powerful, yes, but it slows me down quite a bit on my site. Gutenberg is a great idea but oh man…

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