UJTU: What’s on my desk, yet more TRB discounts and my 30 days without Windows coin…

Weapon of Choice: “Adwoa” 1961 Swissa Junior

Photoshop 7 running in Linux/XFCE. It works, mostly – at least everything I need to work does work. And yeah, an outdated version of Photoshop from 2002 does a lot of things that Gimp and Krita do not do. Things I need still, like CMYK support, batch scripting, easy animated GIF creation, yadda, yadda.

First batch of Victor Calculator Parts & Service manuals from The AntiKeyChop. Yet another prodding from the Universe to consider doing O.O.P.R.A.P. for mechanical calcs…

Save 15% on orders of print products with code “ONEFIVE“. Ends January 16 at Midnight. This discount still stacks with the Holiday %15 discount that I haven’t bothered to end on Typewriter Repair Bibles, so the very good deals extend into January, looks like. (:


Updated: January 15, 2020 — 11:53 pm


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  1. Nice typewriter. I really like the typeface.
    I’ve not run Windoze anything except at work sine about ’97. I forget when I stopped using PhotoShop. I’ll be giving MX Linux a try this week on a new to me 2016 Dell. The one I’m using is from 2006.

  2. Gorgeous Swissa. There’s something about the pale blue stark against the blood red and deep black of the keys and ribbon which give me all the nostalgic feels.

    Thanks for sharing the Typewriter Repair Bibles. I need to fish out an old electric one I was given to see if it can be salvaged.

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