Just another weirdness in a world awash with bad craziness.

Ugh, I’ve been getting repeated calls on my burner phone this morning, all with a recording of some woman jabbering at me in Chinese while piano jazz plays in the background. It’s unsettling because I read Stephen King’s “Cell” not long ago, and the obvious associations of a virus being transmitted over cell phones tickled at my brain.

Silly, yes. But that led to the thought that maybe someone is orchestrating these calls to make people *think* that a virus was being spread by robocalls. There are weirder things flying around in people’s heads these days, so I could see how an idea like this could take root, given a good push by some shadowy group of political operatives.

Sigh.. It’s getting harder to see reality from chaos for all the noise, and one’s mind can go strange places, but then there’s always Google to the rescue.


Updated: May 10, 2020 — 12:38 pm


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  1. Very creepy!

    A couple of years ago, I got one of our endless robocalls (on our landline), said, “Yeah, right,” and hung up. Then I got a call appearing to come from … myself! I picked up and heard a weirdly distorted version of my own voice saying, “Yeah, right.” The calls from “me” kept coming at random intervals.

    That was the last straw. I called our phone company and they offered us a service, for free, that requires callers to press a number to verify that they’re not a telemarketer before their call can get through to us. It’s been fantastic — no more audio spam.

    As for my cell, I’ve set it so that only people in my contacts can make it ring. (Others may leave voicemail, but they rarely do.)

  2. Weird calls indeed.

    I’ve had good results from the no call list on the landline, and unrecognized numbers are never answered on my cell phone. Like Richard, there is seldom a voicemail from the spammer robocallers or unrecognized numbers.

  3. I’m The Sales Guy … not much hope of filtering calls. I think I’m getting all the calls you guys refuse :-) … interrupts the typing.

  4. I’ve been getting these same calls at least once a week for months now. It’s just another side effect annoyance of this brave new world we’re living in.

  5. You should tape record these calls and make them into some creative mishmash of audio magic; lemonade from lemons!

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