Typewriter Club (Show & Tell) and Virtual Herman’s Video Archive

Weapon of Choice: “Moneypenny”, 1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe #A-1551567

My typewriter collection, circa 2010. The quest for a new ribbon for Moneypenny led me to my first visit to MTE – the start of a long and beautiful friendship.


Cuthbert H. Humphrey, Governor of our territory, is a cull. Do you know what a cull is, ma’am? A cull is a specimen that is so worthless that you have to cut him out of the herd. Now if all the people in the world were put in one herd, Cuthbert is the one I would throw my rope at… At whom I would throw my rope at…
George Washington McClintock

Typewriter Club LIVE: Show & Tell

Updated: November 23, 2020 — 12:22 am


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  1. Looks like a great virtual gathering. I’ve gotten some of those ribbons JVC mentions. I also have a tiny eyeletting tool to add eyelets for typewriters needing an eyelet for ribbon reverse. Mel’s idea for the ribbon winder is neat.

  2. You guys have a really nice rapport.

    Zoom would probably work better, and I could make my institutional account available.

    1. I’ve forwarded that offer to Gregory – I know he just set up a paid Zoom account, so he might already have what he needs. Thank you! (:

    2. Wow! Thank you so much for offering. That is very generous and much appreciated. I did sign up for a Pro Zoom account and we tested it out this morning. Worked beautifully, so you were correct in suggesting it would work better. Thanks again for the offer of assistance. I would be honored if you would join us sometime.

  3. I <3 Typewriter Club as much as your awesome typecasts. I'd definitely like to see a bigger group with more show and tell, my favorite part.

    1. Thank you so much, Mei! Now that we’re moving over to Zoom, I suspect we’re going to get bigger. Show & Tell is wonderful. I’m hoping to figure out how to keep focus on the speaker as ooohhhs and aaahhhs keep changing the view to other people’s cameras. Regardless, the stream is going to be SOOO much better.

  4. I have found past versions of the Typewriter Live Club on YouTube. How does one find this event in real-time? Is there a set go-live date/time each week? Thanks!

    1. http://typepals.com/
      schedule and links to join are there – you just missed today’s session, tho.

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