Wizard Smoke feet for Ghost Chocolate and a Bible for the 6-7-88’s

Weapon of Choice “Ghost Chocolate”, 1957 Olympia SM3 #998587

Swappin’ out the mint-green test feet with a custom-mixed set of translucent silver feet that have a maroon sheen when lit up, to match the colors of the typewriter.

Typewriter Club LIVE! (2020-11-29).

There’s a little bit of <3 in every Smith-Corona Standard of the 1950’s – or so says the parts manual!

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I’ve been pretty exclusive with the Hanimar 55mm F 1.7 mounted to the old Sony NEX-3 – the colors it renders are very vivid and nostalgic – but I still do the quick & dirty shots with the PowerShot A710is.

Updated: November 29, 2020 — 8:16 pm


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  1. Wow, those look fantastic. Just tried casting some rubber feet for my Royal KMM this weekend. I had some feet that were not too deformed and rock hard. Did a cast from one of those. My question is how hard/soft were the feet originally. I cast them with a polyurethane rubber that is shore A60. Not sure if those will be too soft. They seem like they are firm enough. Full cure is 7 days so will see how they are then.
    Thanks – Brian

  2. Good looking feets. When they are ready I’ll be getting some.
    Next up some for the 3 versions of the H3k?

  3. Fashion feet — the new fantastic fad for Franklins, Fords, and Foxes!

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