The Mystery of the Hermes 3000 Reversed Backspace and Tab keys and New Stuff To Read!

Weapon of Choice: “Easy” 1964 Hermes 3000 #3246817
















[Printed & Coil-Bound] [PDF]

The Smith-Corona Series 6-7-88 Standard Typewriter Repair Bible is now available in print! 432 Pages, Professionally printed and coil bound to lay flat on your work table.

Smith-Corona “6-7-88” User Manuals

Complete 1955 Service, Troubleshooting and Adjustment Manual Covering Standard Manual Typewriters: Smith-Corona Series 6, Series 7 and Series 88

Complete 1954 Exploded Parts Reference Manual Covering Standard Manual Typewriters: Smith-Corona Series 6, Series 7 and Series 88

1950-1954 Smith-Corona Service Bulletins Covering Standard Manual Typewriters: Smith-Corona Series 6, Series 7 and Series 88

Reference Catalog: Smith-Corona Typewriter Typefaces and Keyboards

Illustrated Smith-Corona Standard Manual Model Age Guide

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  1. I never noticed the H3k Key switch.
    Thanks for the wonderful treasure trove of information!

  2. I’ll just say that you continue to rock.

  3. Wow, thanks for the documents! The Royal type catalog is particularly fascinating.

    As a typer, I don’t much care which side of the keyboard the backspace key is on, but it does make more intuitive sense to have the tab key on the right.

    Interesting use of “Selah.” This was also an affectation of Hunter S. Thompson, whom I suspect may be an influence of yours. It’s difficult to interpret (particularly since no one is a hundred percent clear on what it means in the Bible – consensus seems to be that it’s a choral instruction for sung hymns) but you and HST seem to be using it to mean “Q.E.D.” or “And that’s all there is to be said about the matter.” Confirm or correct?

    1. pretty close – to a Jubalist sectarian it’s just something we use to end a sermon. It’s not quite a suggestion that debate is closed – we are not so certain of our own infallibility :D

  4. Backspace-position had me wondering sometimes – seemed ‘random’ almost, Remington Portable has right, but the Remington Noiseless has left. Odd.
    My current Champion project-machine has backspace on the left (a North American machine). The tab-key on the right looks identical really. Trick-typewriter. Totally caught-out my eldest daughter, was typing and thinking to one-space back, the carriage abruptly and noisily ‘escaped’ the other way :-D

    (All the scanned documentation is amazing! Great stuff! The information-age to the benefit of the analog instruments :)

  5. Whoa, there is an incredible amount of goodness contained here in this single post. I’m almost tempted to say take it easy Ted, but why on earth would I do so?

    What I can say with all sincerity is simply this: Thank You!

  6. The brown ink is nice, and you
    are amazing. Thank you for the repair course, and all the other typewriter rockstar things you do!

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