A Silenced 747, New Boots for the Paymaster & Mr. Whittles’ typewriter.

Weapon of Choice: 1978 Brother Charger 11 #K83712885

Weapon of Choice: 1970 Webster XL-747 #L0944386

Don’t forget to replace the bumper pads for the space bar and autospacer keys!

1963 Royal Century #RTP 5440198

The original feet were riveted in, so I drilled those out, then realized I had no fasteners suitable for the feet. Along with the rubber hose and a couple other things finally made it worth an NCV Excursion to Ace.

A little bendy work on the crushed corner of the shell, padded pliers since I lack an anvil.

Paymaster Series 8000 Ribbon Writer

Mr. Whittles’ typewriter, and he wanted the world to know.

Updated: June 10, 2021 — 4:25 pm


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  1. Now I know what the big piece of felt in my shop is for; my JP-1s. I bought it when you first did the JP-1. Then I sat it aside and forgot about it until I was digging through my parts machine a day or so ago to pull some parts for another Typosphereian. Those old Paymasters are neat. Does yours use the inks or ribbon?

    1. Yea, do it, it makes a fantastic difference! I’ve done 3 so far, plus the Royal Mercury. Still need to sleeve the platen on the Mercury for best result.

      My Paymaster Ribbon Writer uses a ribbon – a fat 4-incher! :D

  2. “Mr Whittles’ Typewriter”, sounds like a short story title, you should definitely bang it out on that Royal! ;D

  3. If my niece ever gets tired of the Brother Charger 11 and I get it back, I may just try the soundproofing.

    Don’t tempt me with that Paymaster!

  4. Oh, I didn’t realize the Century was an evolution of the Diana.

    One of the most satisfying things for me is slapping a little self-adhesive felt on a spacebar — it often makes a huge difference to noise.

    1. yeah, about the time the Halberg plant gave the Royalite a Futura-style shell option, they also dropped a fresh Futura-style shell on the Diana and renamed it the Century. Since we have both a 1961 and 1963 variation in the galleries, it seems to have lasted longer than would be expected if they were just running out spare parts. Given that, it’s prolly not as rare as most people think – just one of those “nobody’s looking for them” things most likely.

  5. Hello Rev Munk,
    New to your website and fascinated by all the info. Wondered if you had a video or detailed instructions along with materials list on how you soundproofed your Webster xl747. I just acquired one online with serial #M2648101 and would like to do the same to it. Much thanks in advance!

      1. Thank you!!

        I also have a 1939 Royal Aristrocat B model needing slight repair and maintenance. Which of the repair manuals that you offer cover this model?

        Thanks again!

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