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  1. Welcome back! I’ve ignored my blog. But have not found a reasonable excuse, so may have to address that!

  2. Yay, Ted’s baaaack! Happy y’all are all better now. <3

  3. That’s great news Ted. It’s really good to see this post! By the way, you’ll soon be receiving yet another piece of mail containing well wishes as I just typed one up and submitted it to the centrifuge-like organization known as the USPS within the past day.

  4. Glad to see that you’re back in the saddle. You are a most diligent blogger (unlike some of us, *ahem*), and we’ve missed your cheerful voice. Stay well.

  5. There’s something very comforting in having a typer you can always count on. I’m still trying to figure out which one in my collection serves that purpose, but fortunately, there are several contenders.

    Yesterday, at the (early) Thanksgiving celebration with my family, I got to visit my old Brother Charger 11 that I gifted to my niece. She gave us a demonstration, and only needed a few reminders on how to do things. It’s much quieter than I remember, but she was using her bed as a desk, so maybe that’s the key!

    So glad all is well!

    1. Yes, soundproofing is key with JP-1s. Turns them into much more luxe machines (:

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