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  1. Ooh, the JVC stamp look way suave!

    1. it seemed like an obvious use for the space. not exactly square, but a circle would fit.. (:

  2. Now who is the instigator? You know I love rubber stamps! But I am also loving that Tower Chieftain! Wish I could find one of those at an estate sale!

    1. Best 39 cents I ever spent on Ebay :D

      1. OMD! That’s OH My Dog! 39 cents! You are killing me!

  3. Brilliant idea, Ted!!! Skele-Munk is my fave. Greg’s gonna want that TypePals one. Lately I’ve been a little obsessed about stamping and have collected typewriter themes and alphabets. I’ve spent around $80 so far in order to “save” money by making my own stationary. :D

  4. OH! Type Pals! What a fantastic idea. Have you ever carved your own rubber stamps?

    1. Once, long ago in the 70’s. Probably a Scouts project where we carved linoleum blocks with our pocketknives. The results were disappointing and fortunately lost to time. :D

  5. Great post Ted! Very resourceful. The art on those rubber stamps seemed similar to a unused postcard I have, so I posted it off to you today!

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