Day: July 31, 2023

Mail Call: The Atlantis Swizzles Arrive!

Swizzles from the Fictional mythical Atlantis Hotel! A Polaroid. I have a small collection of Swizzle Sticks by happenstance, a few vintage ones from the golden age of airliners and Las Vegas. Another Polaroid. This otherwise unmarked one appears to be a Toucan lounging in a bean bag chair with a cigar… Currently in the […]

Notebook Notes

Weapon of Choice: 1959 Smith Corona Skyriter #3Y 210063 An unused Wilson-Jones A5 binder from 2000 that I picked up recently at the thrifts. Perfect for archiving EDCN, Franklin-Covey and DayTimer 7-Ring punched sheets! I found the original sales receipt in the front pocket. Love this sort of time-capsule documentation. Also recently found a Daytimer […]