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  1. OH HAPPY DAY!!! So glad round 2 finally made it! Your swizzle collection rivals mine; love those Pan Ams, and that Seagrams VO (at one time my dark liquor of choice). What are those red and green ones?

    A little clarification on the polaroids… that is the Jungle Room at Graceland. I took those pictures when I visited earlier this summer. My next correspondence will surely include polaroids of my own Bamboo Room at the Mermaid Lounge.

    It has been a joy corresponding with a fellow Tikiphile and, as I found out last Saturday night, a VW’er as well. Poker night Exotica sounds really awesome. I have seriously been enjoying the tunes.

    1. Ahh, yes – the “W” shaped ones are from Western Airlines, reflecting the logo that was on the side of the fuselage. I finally did figure out that those shots were of Graceland, once I read through again for my reply. I was blinded by the Grace! :D

      1. Love all the airline swizzles you have. There is a real niche for those… wish I still had all the Eastern ones my dad used to bring home from his travels to parts unknown.

        1. Oh hey, I figured out where that Toucan swizzle came from – apparently it’s “Wally Bird”, a mascot for Western Airlines as well.

          1. Now THAT is awesome. Now it makes sense why a toucan would be sitting on a bean bag chair!

  2. So, Elvis was a tiki maven too? That’s fantastic!

    1. Oh, remember how I said there weren’t any Tiki Bars in Mesa? Well, apparently *this* is about to happen:

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