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Weapon of Choice: 1959 Smith Corona Skyriter #3Y 210063 An unused Wilson-Jones A5 binder from 2000 that I picked up recently at the thrifts. Perfect for archiving EDCN, Franklin-Covey and DayTimer 7-Ring punched sheets! I found the original sales receipt in the front pocket. Love this sort of time-capsule documentation. Also recently found a Daytimer 7-Ring organizer in black leather, perfect condition, with the original, unused 1994 DayTimer System filler sheets still in it. $2 I’ll pay any day, as these vintage DayTimers and Franklin-Covey organizers can command upwards of $45-$50 on Ebay. Crazy! Currently in the earholes:

Updated: July 31, 2023 — 12:40 am


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  1. Sunday nights? I only knew about the Saturday night gathering. Maybe I should just fire up OBS and hang 24/7!

    1. OH wait, did I say Sunday night? no – I meant the Saturday night ones.

      1. Good times on Saturday nights… but I miss watching the Sunday re-runs on YouTube. Sending good visions to Gregory while on his quest…

  2. Just discovered these a month or so ago. Always fun. Thanks for sharing ☺️

  3. I love those time capsule bonuses. I buy a lot of books from thrift shops. Always fun to see what people used as a bookmark. How far they read into it. Or notes they took if it’s an educational book.

  4. Nice finds. I have a Covey classic that I’ve been using for decades.

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