Mail Call: The Return of Key West and Sequential Letter #4 Arrives from Romania!

Correspondent Neil Happened to have won the “I need to test something” lottery, and gets to test if I can fit a regular Correspondence Episode plus ephemera *and* a “One Stormy Night” plus liner notes, and keep it under 2 oz. I’m already paying the extra ounce and the Non Machineable surcharge, so might as well get my money’s worth. Turns out, yes I can – 1.7oz total, have spare room for extra ephemera like polaroids and such. I’m not sure I like this iteration of the metallized tape. Have to try out a few variations… Currently in the earholes:

Updated: August 20, 2023 — 12:05 am


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  1. I’m so happy it reached USA in just a couple of weeks. “DUPA PLECAREA CURSEI” is a message they stamp it on the envelope in cases where the envelope was brang after the postal truck left the building. “PRIORITAR” is an extra paid service. Happy to see this on your blog.

  2. Wonderful news for both! So happy that this epic SQ#4 has arrived in your mailbox.

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