Mail Call: The Surf Camp Missives – And Kevin brings me Komputars! :D

Kevin & Bill Talkin’ Typewriters Kevin’s Underwood Komputar – getting it’s spinning rust wiped, because it’s polite to dban other people’s datums off of drives before re-using them. This is a delightful add-in bay with lots of connectivity. Push the button and the card reader pops out and can be used as a travel card reader. Even supports ancient cards like SmartMedia. Sadly it’s not hooked up to anything. I’m’a gonna pull it out and use it in a more modern build. That is also one very loaded Coaster Roaster for an IDE-era one. Very nice! From my stash, lots of RAM upgrades and since this is a board that supports floppy drives, I’ll be installing 3 1/2″ and 5 1/4″ floppy drives that I’ve been saving for a build for years! I’ll be playing with this system and reliving the joys of late-90’s PC tech – things like how you’re gonna want a PS/2 mouse & keyboard because USB support is pretty patchy and USB keyboards and mice often do not work well at important times. Later on, I’ll be disassembling this machine and cleaning all the bits – find out exactly what’s in it and do whatever upgrades I can do, then probably installing Windows 98 on it.

Updated: August 21, 2023 — 9:18 pm


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  1. Loving the black and white pics, they seem especially timeless when involving typewriter. Not that Bill and Kevin are timeless, necessarily!

  2. Oh my!

    De olde ordinateur stuff is making me think what should I do with my old ones stored (for no good reason) in the basement :)

    1. get ’em running (:
      It’s a fun puzzle and impresses your nostalgic friends!

      Also, I have a bunch of 5 1/4″ disks I got at thrifts that I want to see the contents of.

  3. Man, that typeface you used is gorgeous.

    1. Journal 8-point medium weight (:

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