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  1. I listens to them little plastic shiny discs, you betcha! But if cost savings is important (and why not) then do what is best. I’ll still enjoy them either way!

  2. I listen to the music tracks, but have yet to buy a drive allowing me to access the other files you often include. Fear not however as I have archived all of the discs that you’ve sent me and do plan to view the contents once I am able. I love the creativity that you demonstrate with your mailings and appreciate all of the effort that you put into them. But I’m with Joe, whatever works for you is fine by me.

    To be honest, I never expected the correspondence series to carry on for as long as it has. The first few were legendary and those that followed have simply been the icing on the cake. No matter what you decide to do going forward I have no doubt that there will be a little of that Munk Magic involved in any piece of correspondence that you send out.

  3. At first, since I had no reader, I accessed the files via the link provided at the bottom of the page. I even once received a broken disc, which I did not report back. I just thought these things happen.

    Once my wife lent me her old CD reader that was hidden in storage, I used it to download the files to my laptop for playing the sound and for viewing the pdfs.

    Your letters are very creative and stand on their own, with or without the mini-disc included.

  4. CD’s are to that stage that many people have dumped any and all devices that access them. Computers–or at least laptops–no longer support them. So I would say your average correspondent would not readily have a means of making use of them. Do what makes sense and feels right to you.

    Honestly, the highlight of a letter from RRTM is the letter itself. It’s always a joy to read.

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