Mail Call: Moar Selectric 3D Printed Elements and MUSIC! :D

New run of Austin Selectric Rescue’s 3D Printed Elements. I ordered TWO, and he sent me EIGHT. Heh, I haven’t touched my typebar machines in weeks, it feels like. Been busy typing with my Selectrics and the VariTyper so much – seems unlikely that’ll stop soon given how many elements I need to put a good workout on now. :D Yeah, so I put the Spencerian Script ball on the Selectric 1 and it worked perfectly, so I dunno, probably more an issue with the machine than the type ball. I’ll poke at that some more later. The Vogue 10 also worked great on the 721. I wonder if Dr. Lizardo needs an adjustment. He only seems to play well with *some* typeballs (IBM/GP/3D – it seems random, but not type-related) but not others.. Currently in the earholes (from Gregory):

Updated: October 5, 2023 — 7:53 am


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  1. That’s alotta balls!

    That Last Shadow Puppets album got a TON of play when I discovered it. Their follow-up to it loses a little something but is still very good. Wanting more retro music, I looked up similar bands on AllMusic, my go-to music resource. And that’s how I discovered the Ruen Brothers. The singer’s voice has those occasional wobbly notes that probably put some people off, but I’m very forgiving with such things if the music is good enough. I’d be curious to know which you prefer. If they don’t have a permanent place in your music collection, feel free to pass them along. Sharing music is a beautiful thing!

    1. Ooh, yeah – I think the Guth will like the Ruen Bros. I see a package in his future (:

      1. Perfect choice of recipients!

  2. Ahhh …. I see that he’s moved his store to I’m off to order some more balls!

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