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  1. When you get behinder, remember the Pennsylvania Dutch Saying, “The hurrier the behinder I get.”

    1. …The hurrier I go…I forgot the I go part :(
      I’m not awake yer.

      1. Bill – I am filing that saying away for future use.

  2. I always appreciate how much creativity you express in your typecasts and letters.

  3. Ted thinks he’s behind … how cute! I’ll tell you what behind is: writing nine letters in the last week and still having over a dozen left!

    1. Heh, well – this is how it starts! :D

  4. Did you say you ordered some rolls of the thermal photograph paper? I thought you did, but maybe it was a dream. At any rate, my offer of a few rolls still stands.

    1. Heh, no I didn’t order the cart because you said you had some you were sending. :D

      1. Excellent! Just wanted to make sure. They’ll be on their way shortly. I owe you multiple letters, anyway.

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