Mail Call: Florida Man send greetings from Michigan, Fauxtography, and a Design Fix for the 3D Printed Typeballs

My favorite Pentaxen! Seven Reverend Heads – Groovy! :D Neil sends an Origami Puppy! (: So, when my Vogue 10 ball broke the other day, I sent a report to Austin Selectric Rescue. By the next day, Dave had replicated the issue and worked up a new strengthened design for the center ring and drive pin slot. Here’s the old design and new design compared. Dave’s fine-tuning that update, and when I get new examples I’ll be putting them through the paces as well. I feel like he’s tuning in to perfection now (: Old tilt-ring design – it is a little weak.The new, reinforced design! Currently in the earholes: Ha! Orbital. I didn’t even think about that in the context of being right under a Selectric element until I posted it. Synchronicity! :D

Updated: October 27, 2023 — 1:03 pm


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  1. You might need to start adding spoiler disclaimers to your blog posts given that your level of efficiency is greater than that of the USPS (and they’re not doing too bad lately).

    I’ve noted many times in the past that one of the reasons I am still involved with film photography is because I still like interacting with film cameras. I’ve been scouting craigslist postings lately with thoughts of putting together a darkroom setup. Thus far such diversions have been non-productive thus costing me nothing.

    1. and there’s always fauxtography! It also costs nothing :D

      1. Funnily enough, for many years I have owned a small handheld “viewing filter” that when held up in front of the eye helps not only with composition, but also renders everything in monochromatic fashion (to help with envisioning what a scene would look like when shot with black & white film). Though I’ve always just kept this filter attached to my camera bag, I suppose that I could save myself the trouble of lugging a camera around and just go it alone with only the viewing filter. Sadly, given my memory these days I’d likely forget what I had looked at just hours earlier.

        1. That’s what the shutter click is for, to trigger a memory photograph. Joe explains it in his video. Enjoy working the machine! :D

  2. The Vogue typeball is definitely on my shopping list. Since I can’t decide if I’d prefer 10 or 12 pitch, may as well get both!

  3. “Seven Reverend Heads” is super cool!

  4. I don’t know that those K1000’s will ever wear out.
    Film photography and my lamenting not bringing my D2 to my new location, but just yesterday I spied a better one for sale in Detroit. May need to make a trip.
    I need to get a Vogue element. Probably a 10 and a 12 pitch.

    1. Well, I’m a bit leery of the fabric shutter curtain on the K1000, but it’s held up so far. The ME Super has a metal shutter I trust a bit more.

  5. Being referred to as “The Florida Man” was at first, a little unsettling. But the more I think about it, I kinda like it!

    Yours truly, The Florida Man! 😎

    1. I figured you would – time for you to reclaim the good name of your state! (:

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