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  1. I think he can redesign the outer lip of the hole to be more rugged. Sorry about your ball!

    1. Or is the material not stress proof enough?

  2. Those old tape dispensers are the best because they’re so heavy, and all metal too!

  3. Oh, I really like the look of that DD-1. And, let me tell, it takes a lot for me to even notice a tape dispenser. They’re often so utilitarian, it’s easy to overlook them.

  4. These new Selectric elements are making me heavily reconsider my personal bias against owning one. I was always scared off of Selectrics due to difficulty in servicing (and physically moving) them, but these fun typefaces are making it much harder… Also, am I the only one that got the “OW, MY BALL” reference? From Idiocracy right? -Mitchell F.

    1. I’ve gotten over half a dozen Selectrics at thrifts & yard sales and almost always, as long as you can power it up and it doesn’t have the “thump of death” then all it needs is some solvent on the pivot rack to free up the inevitable stuck keys (and locked keyboard, because stuck keys will lock the keyboard). Mostly they just need a good cleaning to work fine.
      Also, yes – despite all the Academy awards for “ASS!”, my favorite show in the future is still “OW! MY BALLS!”. :D

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