A Lament Over the Passing of my Spinning Rust

One of the surviving drives is a 40g with a very old Ubuntu/LAMP Stack installed on it, last running in a 200mhz Pentium 1 in 2010, according to the label. It is my original FreeCIV 2.2 server, back when I was developing web integration tools for that version and running the server tunneling through my home ISP connection. The nice thing about Linux is that you can take a drive originally installed in a completely different machine and stick it in a new machine (well, one that is at least as old as the Linux install version, like this 2004 Core II Duo) and it’ll simply switch to the new machines drivers that are already embedded in the Linux kernal. So, it fired right up when I plugged it into this test machine. Turns out that I had also installed copies of every website I had built up to that point, along with the databases. A nice little peek into my working life in 2010. No way I’m gonna hook this thing to the internet (it’ll try to update itself and probably break itself), so I’ll want to copy those sites to a new LAMP Stack at some point and get them all running. First up? the 2004 version of munk.org! :D Yeah, couldn’t resist cracking one of the dead drives open – a Western Digital WD300 30gb IDE built 10 Aug 2001. Two magnets and one windchime! Hah! $278.85 at Hard Disk Direct? Good luck with that sale price! :D Currently in the earholes:

Updated: October 31, 2023 — 3:09 pm


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  1. Happy Halloween Ted!

    1. Happy Halloween also! (:

  2. Perfect mix of tech & art. Thanks, Ted!

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