Turning an old laptop into a home streaming server using JellyFin!

Streaming services aren’t likely to carry time capsule films like this turn-o-the-century classic PLUR-raver indie – “Groove“, “Scratch“, “Better Living Through Circuitry” – none of that is likely to show up on streaming. I have the DVDs, tho, so now it’s on my LAN streaming server! Rippin’ the DVDs! I’ve also got a bunch of 380p VHS rips I did back in the early 2000’s that also look just fine in high-def – just a bit fuzzy, but no pixellation like one might expect from stretching 380 pixels to 1080 pixels. Must be some sort of fancy upscaling in either the JellyFin renderer or the TV itself that really works a treat on those old rips. Lord Guildford Bowsley joined us on TCL this week! Sadly, the stream doesn’t seem to have been saved on the YouTubes. /: I Tole him he oughta be the guy in the middle of the old Beagle Bros Software logo.

Updated: November 2, 2023 — 11:04 am


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  1. Aw man, I am incredibly upset that I missed Lord Guildford Bowsley! That was a sight to see.

    I’m thinking more and more that my care package filled with irreplaceable items has been lost. Mailed on 10/16 and MIA.

    Love me some Mike Hammer.

    1. Nosiree, it has arrived safe – turns out the minions of the USPS will deliver right to your door if there’s postage due. Very old-fashioned and governmental. Luckily, I had cash handy, but that’s tomorrow’s story – gotta do my mise en place… (:

      1. Dang, I am extremely sorry about that… and I work in accounting. I’ll make up my postage faux pas in future correspondence.

        1. Well, you may make it up earlier than that. I may try to mail something in a “7 Left Hands of God” mailer that is quite out of spec to you, using a NMF Blue Butterfly, an Extra Ounce Yellow Schoolbus and an International Forever stamp. Let’s see what the USPS makes of *that*!

          I advise you to keep a few bucks in an envelope by the front door. :D

  2. I imagine that you gave Lord Guildford Bowsley a thoroughly good chortle with the mention of the Beagle Bros.. As you well know, old Bowsley invested heavily in AI development years ago which is how he was able to purchase many of the British Virgin Islands just recently.

    1. I have heard that! Something in the papers about them having to drop the “Virgin” parts of those islands names. (:

  3. Was that TCL or TNT? I have no memory of that, and I would think that would be quite memorable. TNT is never posted to YouTube. TCL is automatically.

    1. Oh that’s right – it was the Saturday show. You missed a treat (:

  4. Wait. How the heck did I miss Lord Bowsley? Hmm … musta been that motorcade of limos pulling up just as I was leaving!

    1. Yuh, ya gotta be persistent to catch the attention of THE LORD! He stands above us all, tut-tutting while viewing the early leavers while he cleans his monocle with a silk cloth. He arrives when the peasants have left. (:

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