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Chef Harbashi, Gnome Death Knight of Uldum, at your service.

My personal posse, Team Bonebender, Ghoul Crew Extrordinare!

I enjoy being small. Also, yeah - that's me doin' 49% of the damage in a completely fail 5-man heroic.

W00T! Draenei chick, dancing in her bikini, provokes unfortunate reaction. Also, I miss my tier 10 stuff. It looked badass.

My personal mission before I quit for a few months was to get this guild achieve. Stormchops in the Ironforge subway work well. We're at 43,000 now. Almost There!

Updated: May 28, 2011 — 12:13 pm


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  1. Gah! Your post makes me want to venture back to Azeroth once more. Though, I don’t think I’m built for MMOs anymore. In WoW’s case, I always make a Night Elf Hunter, solo to level 20-25, and then quit. The last time I played, I tried to mix it up by joining a guild, but never quite fit. I should probably just stick with my single-player RPGs.

    1. My first toon was a Draenei Hunter, which still collects dust at level 44. Then I found out that there was a class that could have upwards of 13 or more combat pets in play at once, so switched to Unholy DK and got rid of that Antonio Banderas-sounding goat-dude and his screen-hogging shoulders for the smallest race I could roll so the toon wasn’t always blocking my view. (that’s pretty much the reason I worked pretty hard to get the Headless Horseman’s mount – the much more common drake mounts take up like half the screen). The ghoul posse is great fun to use on those 3 to 5-man bosses at the end of quest chains – who needs to troll for a group when you have a rugby team of zombies on your side?

      Regarding Guilds, I didn’t even consider joining a guild until I hit 80 back in WotLK, then just accepted the first guild invite I got from a “just starting” guild. Ended up being a small group of people from all over the world who just enjoy casually taking on raid content and more usually just doing whatever seems fun at the moment. Sort of reminds me of the Typosphere. It was nice to come back after an extended leave and be immediately welcomed back like I’d never left. (:

  2. Its been close to three years since I’ve played. I actually have an unopened Cataclysm expansion I got for my birthday back in February. I used to play a lot with my friends and got several 80s in play. Our guild was basically local friends, and we did well on 5-mans and at one point, with 11 or 12 in the guild, held our own on 10-mans, but eventually, some of us wanted more and not everyone was up to par. It kind of went downhill from there, as some of my friends were really hardcore into raids and the others were a bit too selfish to help out a more casual player (i.e. me).

    I likely would have come back, but I’ve been playing a decent amount of XBOX with my friends online, so that satisfies my online gaming bone:)

  3. If you’ve got 80’s, the Cata quest chains to get them to 85 are actually pretty fun. Unless you like really slow movement underwater or are a druid with water-form, I’d avoid the Vas’jir quest chains (but then, their rep vendor doesn’t have anything a plate-wearing fella wants, which may not be the case for your toons). They’re pretty nicely balanced for casual players. Also, rolling one of the new races is fun – I can say the Worgen starting area is great at least. They appear to have finally fixed the female Worgen laugh to be something other than a chicken.

    Amusingly, Azeroth since Cata has become a world filled with Worgen DK’s. They’re *EVERYWHERE* which can be nice if you’re queing for randoms between level 60 to 84. Nice 5-minute queue times as DPS, and you invariably get a Worgen DK tank, and more often than not a Worgen Druid healer. I suppose it’s just a matter of time before Blizzard introduces sparkly Vampires as a playable race, and then it just won’t be worth playing anymore.

    Faced with the reality of a boring gearscore slog up to raid-ready and the prospect of dying *a lot* on the new raids, I instead spent this weekend’s free time training up my little Warlock that I rolled just before Cata came out. I’ve got him up to lvl 69, which makes him the 2nd highest-level toon I have. (yeah, just one 85 and no other 80’s)

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