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Beta Testers for Typewriter Database Wanted!

Typewriter Database is now seeking typewriter collectors who have photos of their collections and serial numbers handy to beta-test the Typewriter Gallery Uploader. If you would like to be among the first intrepid Typewriter Hunters to upload typewriter galleries for your collection and sightings, please leave a comment below indicating you would like to be upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. (make sure you’ve created an account at first.)

I’d like to thank Richard Polt, who was the first Beta Typewriter Hunter to upload a sighting: a 1919 Century 10!

Updated: February 10, 2013 — 10:52 am


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  1. From my limited collection I will volunteer. I hope to do some photography tonight and I will go from there if you like. I plan on overall photos and then the serial number location pointed out on a photo and macro photos of the serial numbers for a blog post. All I need is a bit of time to do them. It may be more beneficial to send them to you.

    1. go ahead and start an account at and I’ll upgrade you to Typewriter Hunter once you do. (:

      1. Done. I thought I registered Friday when I was on your site.

        1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

          1. I thought I registered, but none of my information is accepted.
            when I try to register I get a message that my user name can contain letters and numbers only BillM contains something but letters and numbers? and a message the passwords do not match.
            This happens no matter what I do.
            I was going to start loading typewriters — finally many months late. Starting with the Ace.

          2. I just sent a password reset to your registered email. Go ahead and click on the link to reset your password. I sent it to the “BillM” user account, so that username is OK.

      2. Hello! I am a new typewriter collector. I have 4 different manual typewriters and I would like to add to your database. I have an account.

        1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

      3. Hey! I have three typewriters with S/N. Can you upgrade me? account is HankThePigeon

      4. Hi from Boston, I registered as WillBoston on the Typewriterdatabase and was hoping to gain Typewriter Hunter member status

        1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

    2. I am a typewriter collector and i would like to be upgraded to the status typewriter hunter on the typewriter database

      1. It does not appear that i have been upgraded to typewriter hunter status do you know why?

        1. maybe because you only gave me 5 minutes to respond to your posting? (:

          Welcome Typewriter Hunter!

      2. This is not related to being upgraded but I have a Dutch made Remington travel riter which has a prefix TR and it is not listed on the typewriter database.

        1. Sorry it’s ThompsonM1A1

    3. Hi, I have just two typewriters, a Corona Junior model S lacking the carrying case (got it as a kid and my mother said it smelled bad so she threw it away…). And a French-Canadian IBM typewriter and I’d be curious to know more details about it. If the Canadian serial numbers are integrated to the US serial numbers, the machine would be from 1952 but I’d like to know more about it…

      I posted images of it here:

      1. And I forgot to ask, the “IBM” logo looks like what was featured on the 1954 and newer “Model B”. I wish I could find more information on this machine but I guess the model name was written on the cover plate under the motor (which is missing on my machine).

    4. Good morning,
      I have a little Olivetti collection, with photos. Is possible to activate full features account for posting my collection?

      1. Indeed! Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

    5. Good morning,
      I have a little Olivetti collection, with photos. Is possible to activate full features account for posting my collection?
      Please if possible, upgrade me in a Typewriter hunter!



    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Enjoy!

  2. Alright. I’ll create an account. I’ve got a few machines of note that will be worth posting up. Let’s see how we go.

  3. I’m game. Thanks for doing all this work!

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  4. I would like to take part as well. I registered, member name typeoh

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Typeoh! (:

  5. I created an account. I’ll see if I can do this thing… :)

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter Abi! (:

  6. OK, I’ve registered — “mpclemens” is my non-creative handle. I will await the magical pixie dust…

    1. magical pixie dust administered, Typewriter Hunter Clemens! :D

  7. Oh, oh, oh!!! Pick me, pick me, PICK ME PLEASE!

    1. You are picked! Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Nat (:

  8. Hi, I just registered as schrijfmachine. I can post some pictures and sn’s, if you like! Great project btw.

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter Frank! (:

  9. I seem to have registered – another password to remember…. I have some photos in ThumbsPlus (which allows for manipulation and annotation) and a digital camera. I could photograph any of the 325+ machines here, but many must be very common. Do you allow for multiple views? Does the system allow the user to see that a particular model is already well-photographed?

    1. Ok, I’ll take these in order:
      1) You’ve registered, but you need to click the link in the email sent to you to activate your account. As soon as I see you’ve activated, I’ll upgrade you to Typewriter Hunter so you can access the gallery uploader.

      2) wow, 325+? Sure, many will be common, but if you have the time, go ahead and put them in anyway. That, I think, will be useful for future researchers who, if they had many well-photographed examples with serial numbers to examine, might be able to do things like reconstruct the age list for extremely common SCM Portables past 1964 based on design changes and ages gleaned from sales receipts, etc. Not only that, having your entire collection entered into the database allows you to just point people to the database to see your collection from afar (:
      (also a handy record for insurance purposes, in case you don’t already keep one)

      3) yes, each machine record, once created allows you to put in multiple views. (I suggest 4 to 16 photographs)

      4) You can see all of the galleries of a specific manufacturer/model via the typewriter search, and the results will show you how many photos are uploaded for each example. for instance, this search will show you all of the Smith-Corona 5TE Electrics, and you can see that the 2 specimens listed have 12 and 5 photos respectively.

    2. ok, upgraded you to Typewriter Hunter! (:

  10. Hi there,

    I’ll be happy to contribute pictures and SNs from The Portable Typewriter Website. Of special interest might be my research on the early Standard Folding Typewriter.

    Good luck with your important project.

    Richard Mlton

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! your account has been upgraded! (:

  11. I would love to be able to add the following information to the Sears section
    Tutor Model
    1966 range 21000-47915
    1967 range 39000-719450
    1968 range 77000-96431

    1. may I ask what your source is? (:

  12. I will register and would love to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status.

    1. what username did you sign up under? I can’t find “dwayne*” or “vintage*”

  13. I have an Italian made Invicta portable typewriter that used to belong to my late father (with serial no: 128331). Researching it on the internet, I think it looks similar to a “Tilman Elster Collection” model, probably manufactured in or about 1936 prior to Invicta being taken over by Olivetti. Can anyone help with more information about it and is it worth anything as a collectable?

    1. You might try asking the Yahoo group, although it should be noted that value can’t really be placed on typewriters other than the very few that are actually rare and unique. With something like that Invicta, the value depends entirely on the market at any given moment. Given that it’s a family heirloom, the person who will place the most value on it is you. (just something to keep in mind).

  14. I’ve just started working on a digital image library of my collection and would be glad to contribute. Many of the typers I own aren’t listed in the database, and I would imagine that by making more serial numbers public, more gaps will get filled in; some models I’ve seen for sale still have original receipts which certainly would help to date a specific model, for example.

    I’ve already registered at the Database with the user name: Uwe.

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter Uwe! (:

  15. Michael Boyle (Boyle06)

    I do not have an extensive collection, but I would very much like to contribute to the database. If I could be upgraded so I can add photo’s and data, I would really appreciate it.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Boyle06! (:

      .. and don’t worry about not having a large collection. My own is just 30 machines, and none of them have any real collector or historical value. However, every machine entered gives us another snapshot of the wide range of interesting typewriters produced during the 19th and 20th centuries!

  16. First of all, I want to congratulate you for your great website!

    I have just registered, and I wanted to contribute with my still little collection. I just own 6 machines so far, but for what I have seen only one of them is already in the database. Besides, the idea of the database itself is wonderful, so I´d very glad to help in any way I can.

    I´m registered as Javi at the database.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Javi! (:

  17. I have a collection of about 15 to 20 and would love to contribute to your galleries as a “typewriter hunter”. I’m registered as tmindlng. What a great site this is. I love seeing the photos and reading the stories about the typers. A late 1950’s Olympia Delux which I’ve had since high school, and a lovely Royal 10 rescued from a neighbor’s garbage can in 1967 form the core of my growing collection, and I would love to share photos, info, and stories about them all.


    1. Then you are one of us! Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Tony, you are upgraded. (:

  18. May I join the hunter’s club, please?

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Miguel! (:

  19. I finally created an account, now that I have nice pictures of my typewriters. But I don’t seem to have permission yet. Can you grant me the “beta test” rights?

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Spiderwebz! (:

  20. I’d like to be upgraded a “Typewriter Hunter”, please.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Deek! :D

  21. I’m adding typewriters but your Kmart listings only show Nakajima. All of the Kmart typewriters I have seen so far are made by Brother, and I have one that I will be adding that is made by Brother.

    1. added Marque for Brother K-Marts, Thanks! (:

      1. Excellent! Now to put my Kmart in.

        Though over the past day I discovered that Nakajima Kmarts did also exist, so… I guess two separate pages are needed.

      2. Ah, wait. I see. The old one is still there, just without the hyphen. I’m not sure if it is correct to have the hyphen or not. The wikipedia says that both were used, it appears.

        1. I just took the hyphen out so they appear together in the list. also, note that you can add your blog link in your profile:

          so you don’t need it to be in your description. (you can add multiple links to your profile, and show off your map blog too). (:

  22. G’day Munk!

    Please add me to your “Typewriter Hunter” group. I have several nice old machines that i am sure others would enjoy.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Brill! (:

      1. G’day and thank you Munk for admitting me to the Hunters group.

        I have not looked carefully at your serial number list, my time at home is limited and there is allways something else to do too. Anyway I have in my hands a very thumbed through copy of the “Typewriter Age Guide” released by “OMEF” dated December 1973, it is a 94 page booklet 4″ x 5.3/4″.
        I do not want to loose it yet but I will scan every page for you if that would help in any way?

        All the best, Peter.

        1. That would be AMAZING! I have only a partial copy of that source, about a dozen pages photographed on a cell phone. Having the whole thing in scans that are good enough to print out (I like to do my compiling by printing out relevant sections of all my sources and marking them up with highlighters) would be very, very helpful. :D

          1. I will scan them today.

            You may already know me from the “TYPEWRITERS” group on Yahoo. if not a short story of me is;
            My father was a typewriter mechanic in London after WW2, we emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1968, I started my apprenticeship with Olivetti in 1972 and my brother with Imperial a few years later. I got squeezed out of the industry in 1987 by electronics but I dabble in the trade now and then, I have actually learnt more on the IBM Selectrics since I left the trade. I now have a collection of about 80 machines, most boring but I have a few rare machines that I will show off with when I work out how to? I am very computer illeterate and things do not come to me naturaly, Excel is the only thing that I can fly through.

            Peter :-)

  23. Hi Munk! Love your website!
    If you could admit me to the Hunter group!
    I would love to share mt small collection with the rest of the typosphere.



    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Simon! (:

      1. Thanks a bunch for upgrading me!

  24. Goedemiddag, Mr Munk,
    Now I’m not a ‘hunter’, quite resolute to stick to my small set of 30-ies machines. Nevertheless I’ve been taking pictures and would like to contribute these to the galleries; so semantics being put aside – herewith my request for gallery-creating hunter-status :)

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter RobertG (:

      We would be happy to have your contribution of fine writing iron in the Database!

  25. Hi

    I have a tiny collection of typewriters and I would like to update the serial numbers for the typewriters I owned

    Could you please upgrade my status to Typewriter hunter


    1. I’ve upgraded the “adriana” account to Typewriter Hunter status. the other two you started I left at regular status (:


  26. Just joined the website – great job. I’m a new collector and would love to be able to show off my few acquisitions thus far: a 1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe, a 1934 Triumph Durabel portable, an Adler J5 from 1972, a Hermes 3000 from 1976, an early 1960s Smith-Corona Pacemaker, and a 1990 Sharp Intelliwriter. Cheers!

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  27. I just registered today as a new user. My grandparents just gave my 8yr old daughter an electric typewriter from their churches basement. I know nothing about it and can’t find anything online about it either. I only see the words Litton Royal on the plastic cover and Model SP9000. It does work, but I am unsure about what some of the buttons are for and can’t seem to get it out of center position. If you or anyone in your data base knows something about this unit I would appreciate any help I can get.

    1. Hmmn, if it’s locked in the center position, then there are 2 things you should check:
      1) look for a small lever either in the front towards the top end of the keyboard (not the ribbon color selector or touch adjuster) or just below either carriage knob (carriage is the roller assembly that you insert the paper into) for a small lever that flips on or off. This is the “carriage lock” and it prevents the carriage from moving around during travel. flipping it should unlock the carriage and allow it to move.

      2) if there is no carriage lock, look at the top of the carriage or the back of the carriage for two buttons with arrows on them. These are the margin adjustments. If they are set really close together in the middle, that may be the problem. push them in and move them away from each other, and that should free up the carriage.

      A Litton era Royal probably dates to the late 60’s to the 70’s and has little collector value, especially an electric. It’ll be fine for a kid who likes to type, though – don’t worry if she breaks it – she’s not playing with anything particularly valuable. (:

      Have fun!

      1. oh, I just checked and found an Ebay listing for that model here:

        it shows that the machine has Royal’s “Magic Margin” system, which is different than I told you. This is probably your problem as Magic Margin is somewhat confusing to use:

        here’s what you do:
        1) push the right-side Magic Margin button and move the carriage in the direction it allows while holding down the button. Release the button when it’s as far as you want that margin set to set that margin.

        2) repeat with the other margin button while pulling the carriage the other way.

        Magic Margin is nice, but what generally happens is people push the buttons and the margins spring to the middle, locking the carriage in place. once you get used to it, it’s fine, but anyone unfamiliar with how it works will be confused. (:

        1. Thanks SO MUCH! Gonna give it a try and see how she does. My daughter is wanting to write a book using the typewriter. Crossing my fingers that it works good enough for her!

  28. I’ve signed up for an account, and it’s approved, but I believe I need an upgrade to stick in an old photo of the SWINTEC 1200. I also might be able to help with some other models. -Will Davis

    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, which gives you access to upload photo galleries and add informational links to the manufacturer pages, among other things. Looking forward to your input! (:

  29. Can you add me to your site? My account is under totallyyourtype and I want to post my collection which I think would be to everyone’s benefit. I want to be a “typewriter hunter” so I can add my machines.

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

      1. Thank you so much, very excited!

  30. Nice initiative, may I contribute? For starters my Halberg Traveller.

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  31. I have recently bought an Underwood Champion 5 series typewriter. It was in pretty bad condition, unable to type at all, but now it is… well, rusty, but working. I would like to add this typewriter to the database while the serial number is still legible. Thanks :)

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  32. Can you add a brand? Maybe an “other” because I have two machines that do not fit properly under any brand category I would like to include.

    1. I’ve added a category for “Unknown” manufacturer. Don’t be surprised if an effort is made to re-classify any machine placed there over to a proper manufacturer once discovered. I’m pretty keen on building a complete list of all manufacturers who ever mass-produced a machine. (:

  33. Hi Munk.. Just created my account yesterday; please upgrade me to “Typewriter Hunter” status! I have a green Galaxie Deluxe I’d like to show you :)

    1. You are now upgraded! Welcome Typewriter Hunter (:

  34. Hi there,
    would like to volunteer if you’re still looking for volunteers…

    already created an account and have half a dozen of typewriters AND a pdf of german manual for a Studio 44….

    any ideas where to keep those manuals???

    cheers Rob from Vienna

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter RoBo!

      As Typewriter Hunter, you can create a link to the Studio 44 manual on the Olivetti manufacturer page, but you’ll have to host that PDF file somewhere. Google Docs is one place you could upload it to.

      1. Hi munk,

        thanks a lot, as soon I have enough light I will take some nice pictures and post them here, although it seems like your page is stuck… will have another try tmrw.

        all the best

      2. Hi munk,

        would like to give some feedback on the usability of the database…

        and also not sure how old my Lettera 22 with the serial number #102557 is, the Olivetti database is a bit confusing….

        TIA Rob

  35. Hello! First time here :-)

    I found an Olivetti Dora on the side of the road (great condition, case and papers with it), but I cannot find the serial number…can anyone help?

  36. Hi Reverend, I have a handful of typers (so far) and I would love to be upgraded to “hunter” status. I’m registered as Skuterescz. Thanks. :)

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Skuterescz! (:

  37. Are you still looking for beta testers?
    I have several machines — an Oliver No. , Smith-Corona Silent Portable, Smith-Corona Cruiser Portable, Underwood Desk model and my pride and joy, a 1926 Royal Portable in Black.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter McEvoy! (:

  38. Hi :)
    I have some typewriters and I want to collaborate with you… I really love typewriters, and I would be typewriter hunter for the database… Are you still looking for beta testers? :)

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Francesco! (:

    2. Oh… I forgot. I’m registered as FraLuderin :)

  39. Esteemed and Honorable Right Reverend,
    Greetings from Chandler…I have just registered as TaoTypist and look forward to embarking upon the Way of the Typewriter Hunter.
    Cheers and thanks

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter TaoTypist! (:

  40. Hi, I would like to be registered as a typewriter hunter. My username is Dalektyper.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Dalektyper! (:

  41. Hello, can you please register me as a typewriter hunter? My username is m1tk4.

    Thank you!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter m1tk4 (:

  42. Hi there, can I get added as a collector? I was forwarded to this place by a friend of mine who’s an avid collector.

    Username: AeolianDust

    1. ..and so it shall be, Typewriter Hunter!

  43. I have an Underwood Model 5 that I want to get rid of. I can’t find the serial number anywhere; it’s in good shape…..HELP!!!!

    1. I’m sure the Classroom Typewriter Project would be pleased to adopt your Underwood.

  44. Would you mind upgrading my account to “Typewriter Hunter”?

    I have some typewriters I would love to add.

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter Zoltan! (:

  45. Would love to participate in the Typewriter Hunter beta. I have 35 machines and counting. :-)

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  46. I would be pleased to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status and add my (still rather small) collection.

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  47. Hello there! Your database has been very helpful to my father and I, and I would be enormously grateful if I could be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. I have a small collection of 11 (10 if you discount the parts machine) that seems to be slowly taking over… I’m sure you know how that goes :-/

    My username is T1peM0nkey on both NaNoWriMo and your amazing database. In the history of good typewriter ideas, the shift key still comes first. Sorry. But the database is a close second :)

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter T1peM0nkey!

      I remember you from the NaNoWriMo Typewriter Brigade thread (:

  48. Hi there! Splendid database, I must say. I’d like to be a Typewriter Hunter so that I may begin to add details about my typewriters, if that’s possible. Thanks, awfully.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy! (:

  49. The database is great! I have an interesting machine that I would love to add. Thanks! My username on the database is mderscheid.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  50. I’ve two Lettera 22’s: one from Glasgow, elite type; one from Ivrea/Netherlands, pica type. I’d like to share the information.

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  51. I have about 17 typewriters in my collection with a font sample for each machine. I’ll gladly add photos to the database if my account is upgraded.

    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Enjoy! (:

  52. Hello, I’m from Denmark and I currently only have Danish (keyboard) typewriters and a single swedish one. (Most of my machines are German made). I would love to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter, as I consider myself one.
    This website is great and awful at the same time, cause it’s a fantastic help but I also want all of the typewriters displayed here!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  53. I’m not upgraded yet, I will be patient if it just takes a little time, but I remembered that I never wrote my username.
    Maybe it isn’t necessary but anyways, here it is: Joelsen
    I eagerly wait to upload

    1. and now you are (:
      I think you may have registered two accounts.

  54. I haven’t registered two accounts and I’m not a hunter yet… Giving up.

  55. I am definitely interested in being added to the group of Hunters. I just received a beautiful Remington Noiseless Seven and would love to add it to the TDB. Pictures and type samples are ready to go! Thanks.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

      1. It says I’m still just a member (I’m user name grubi), and I’m unable to add a typewriter gallery. Is there something I need to do to make things active?

        1. nope, you’re fine. looks like my upgrade tool is broken though. Gimme a day or so to fix it and I’ll have you upgraded. (:

          1. Ok, fixed it. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  56. Hello! I was delighted to discover your efforts to preserve and enhance this database of typewriter information. Although my collection is modest (a Remington No. 7, two Royal Arrows, a Quiet Deluxe, and a KHM), I would be glad to add the information if you would please grant me (user: rdj) Hunter status.

    Thank you!

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  57. I have about 85 typewriters and would like to become a hunter.

    BTW, I picked up my first “collectible” typewriter — a Mignon — in the early 1970s. (I had a Voss ST24 and an Olivetti Praxis 48 as everyday typers, then a Hermes 10.) Over the last decade or so, I’ve changed my focus from early machines (e.g., Blick, Lambert, Hammond, Oliver, Smith-Premier, etc.) to portables.

    1. ok, activated the “MarkR” account. Enjoy!

  58. For some reason, it says I am still a “member” and I cannot create a gallery :(

    Is there a way to fix this?

    1. I have to manually upgrade you to Typewriter Hunter on request, which I’ve now done. enjoy! (:

  59. It works! Thanks!

  60. Hello,
    I’ve got 4 typewriters I’m trying to date/identify/fix & possibly sell/trade – was hoping to get a bit of help. Looks like I need to be upgraded to hunter status, please beam me up!
    -I can’t seem to find a serial number on my portable Diplomat made in Czech… any suggestions?
    -Portable Remington assembled London factory looks like a serial # starting with 1 or I (then L2000256)….any ideas????
    -Portable Remington Rand No’ 5 de Luxe EB1855756 (1951 I think)
    -Olivetti M44 made in GB (no sign of serial number?)

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  61. Hello,
    May I be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter, please? I’d like to add the machine I identified using your most helpful database.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  62. My green typebar IBM Model C has a mtce card inside that says: serial 1529789, installed 4/5/62.
    Even after the automatic carriage return BELT broke, I continued to use it, just manually moving the carriage. Well, now I have keys that won’t strike the platen; not enough ‘oomph’. I paid $5. for it 6-7 years ago at our local 2nd hand store. What to do with it now? Suggestions welcome.
    Joyce in Podunk, Backwater Montana, so no, there aren’t any typewriter repair shops in these here parts.

    1. I’d say you got your $5 worth out of it. What sort of retirement you choose to give the machine which has done so much for you is a matter between you and your Model C. Those old IBM’s really require a trained repairman, and those are thin on the ground, as you’ve noted. Maybe it’s time to crack open the service manual. :D

  63. Hi, i have one small collection of typewriter and like your site idea.

    In this moment i have one Olivetti, one Adler-Scheidegger and one Facit. If possible specify me how to find the s/n from Adler-Scheidegger

    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Enjoy!

  64. Claudia Tan-Chong


    May I be added as a Typewriter Hunter please?

    Thank you!

    Am very excited to add to the database!

    Best regards,

    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Enjoy!

  65. Hey, I recently got into typewriters, and the website has been a great help in finding information about them.

    I’m starting to collect them as well, and though I’ll probably never have a large collection, I’d like to help add what I can.

    Could I be upgraded to a Typewrite Hunter?

    My username is Ouzelum on the website.


    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  66. Hey, I’d love to be a Typewriter Hunter – was wondering how people got to do that, until I read the fine print.
    Am registered as Woodstock 5. and I’ve got about 40 some typewriters
    Thanks for this valuable site, and all the upgrades – we’d be lost without you!
    Thanks, Don

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  67. You can see part of my personal collection in the Pinterest website, I should like to share my photographs, serial numbers and other useful information in The Typewriter Database.
    I’m preparing too: for my collection.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Meccanismo! (:

  68. I’d like to be upgraded so i can show off my mean machines in galleries on the database.

    Cheers(!) from Winnipeg

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  69. I signed up on your database, and would love to upload some photos. Specifically, ave an 195x Underwood Crest. I’m having trouble locating the serial number, so anything you can tell me would be super helpful. I’m just starting out on my collection, but I know I’m gonna want more. :)

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

      1. Thanks!
        Where can I find my serial number?

  70. I signed up on your database, and would love to upload some photos.

    Please upgrade to typewriter hunter.

    Thank you.

    Best regards

    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Enjoy!

  71. Hello, can I get Hunter status? I have nothing exciting, but can at least add photo evidence of some evolution of the SG-1 series.

    1. ok, upgraded you to Typewriter Hunter! (:

  72. i would like to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter. I have a small, personal collection but have access to an even bigger collection via a local friend. thanks.

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! Enjoy (:

  73. Question about The Typewriter Database: every few pages that I access seem to trigger extremely prolonged response times (measured in minutes) from the web server.

    I suspect that it may have something to do with the back-end linkage to gallery discussions. Sometimes, a gallery page will finish rendering except for entries present in the “discussion” section of the page. It also seems to me (may not be the case) that it only happens when one is logged into the site which happens to be required in order to see annotations about discussions as well as the discussions themselves.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue as frequently as I seem to be? (I am a web programmer in real life, so if there’s anything I can do to help support this wonderful resource in a technical sense, please ask!)

    ALSO – I have a few suggestions for future enhancements regarding typeface samples. Please see the comments under 1970 Olympia SM9 De Luxe.

    Thank you!

    1. hmmn, I’m on there all the time and don’t notice any lag. Are there specific pages that you seem to notice this on, or is it fairly random?

      1. It’s fairly random. It occurs on my own gallery pages and on others’ galleries. It does not seem page-specific: it may not happen on a particular page when navigating to it within a single “session”, then the delay might manifest when navigating back to one of those previously-visited pages.

        I’ll try to be more observant in case some type of pattern emerges. (I’m on a Mac with the latest Safari, FWIW, and have never had this issue elsewhere, so it’s a bit of a mystery!)

    2. Hey, what’s this?! Under the Home tab, there’s a xxx Typewriter Typefaces selection. And a Search box!

      I do hope that’s something new and not something that I’ve been overlooking this entire time. Regardless, it’s a very nice feature.

      1. That stuff’s been there a couple months. (:

  74. Ted, im late to the party but Id love the opportunity to contribute. Thanks!

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter – It’s about time you re-joined the party! (:

  75. Okay, I’m still getting those really annoying delays on while logged in. It happens every handful of pages and makes the site basically unusable for me. When the delay occurs, it lasts for many minutes and affects any other attempts to load other pages on the site in other browser tabs and windows.

    I’m using the latest Safari on a Mac. When the site freezes up, here’s the only error I see in the log:

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

    That may or may not be related, but it’s all I have at the moment. :(

    1. By the way, is there some reason why the little speech bubbles are no longer appearing with the thumbnails of all of the typewriters that have comments? They seem to appear now only for very recent comments.

      Absent some kind of “notify me of additional posts” feature, that was the only way to remember where to look for new ones.

      Just curious.

      1. Oh, I fixed that last week. Made it so they only show for new comments *since your last login*, which was the intended effect. Before then, it was broken and showed *any* gallery that had *ever* had comments in it.

        Thus, now speech bubble are only showing for galleries that actually have *new* comments. (:

        1. That makes perfect sense, and – how wonderful! That behavior is so much more useful!

    2. ok, fixed that. the third-party script package was incomplete and didn’t include the facebox.css, so I grabbed it from the original source.

      Let me know if you find anything else weird, or that doesn’t fix it. The thing is, I know both Rob Bowker and Richard Polt are Safari/Mac users, and they don’t report any issues like that. From what you’re seeing, I suspect whatever’s happening is only happening to you on the actual gallery pages where there’s a butt-load of jQuery scripts running for the gallery and comments sections. (thus only on those pages, and only when logged in, since logging in causes the comments section to load.)

      So maybe the facebox script is causing you issues, by conflicting with some other bit of browser code that might be running in your specific browser. If Rob and Richard aren’t experiencing issues, it’s tough to say it’s specifically a Mac/Safari thing, and might be some plugin you’re running maybe? Again, tough to pin down without trying it in other mac/safari installations, which I can’t do. (:

      We’ll keep trying stuff and see if we can figger it out, I guess.

  76. Wondering whether Safari is somehow choking on CSS “comments” like this in wallscript.css:

    .gbuttonnew {
    background: white;
    // border: 1px solid #DDD;
    border-top-color: #DDD;

    padding: 3px 9px 3px 3px;
    border-image: initial;

    I believe CSS supports only “/* … */”, not C++-style “// …” comments.

      1. And… Ta -da!! Whatever you did seems to have fixed it for me. I can click and click and things keep happening. It was also occurring on Safari on my iPad, so I’ll need to check that, but so far, so good. Thank you Rev. Munk, you da bomb!

        1. Excellent! I guess Safari gets very unhappy about missing or malformed CSS. odd, I never would have expected that.

          Well, glad it solved the problem – good diagnosis/bug report (:

  77. I was hoping you could help me out. I just bought a typewriter at a yard sale today and I wanted to find out the details such as: what year it was made, the model and any other pertinent information you think I should know. If you could email me at and then I could send you some pictures I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your time and have a good one.

  78. I have registered as Eisenberg and I would like to become a Typewriter Hunter so that I may contribute pictures to the database.

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter Eisenberg! (:

  79. Hi —

    Signed up at the database. Would love to start uploading some pictures. Many thanks!


    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  80. I am a typewriter collector and i would like to be upgraded to the status typewriter hunter on the typewriter database

    1. you already are under the account “Olivetti48”. it’s linked to your google address. Should I delete the other account?

  81. Hi, my account on the database is Typewriters101.

    I’m ready to be upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” :)

    1. and now you are! Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  82. Hi. Is it too late to join the pack of hunters and gatherers?

    1. Nope, you’re in! Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  83. Hi there! I’d like to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. I have plenty of pictures and typewriters to share. Thanks! Mason

    1. my username is mshefa

      1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  84. Hey there, I would like to be upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status so I can upload some stuff :D

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  85. Hi! I was wondering if I could get upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, please? Only have a few, but I’ve been bitten and I’d like to contribute what I have. User name: Baekgu.

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter! You have been upgraded. :D

      1. Yay! Thank you. :D Two up already. Would have a third, but she’s definitely a restoration project right now. Still dusty n’ everything — only got her yesterday. Will post more as I get them. :-)

  86. Hello, I registered a few days ago and would like to upload my Olivettis and a Remington and type samples. Can you upgrade me please ? Thanks!

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  87. I just registered and I have 12 typewriters to add to the galleries, and even more sightings. I would like to be upgraded, please :)

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  88. I would love an upgrade to Typewriter Hunter status. I have 7 beautiful typewriters I would like to show, among them is a Red Royal Quiet De Luxe, Olivetti Praxis 48, and the pride of my collection that I picked up last night, a black 1937 Royal KHM.

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  89. I have an account as kjnobles.
    Please wave your magic wand and upgrade me to typewriter hunter!

    1. Magic wand has been waved! Welcome (:

  90. I’d like to be upgraded to typewriter hunter. Thanks.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! your account has been upgraded! (:

  91. Hi, I’ve got a modest collection of Royal, Olympia, Underwood, Olivetti, and Remington typewriters from the 30s through the 60s that I’d like to add to the database!

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  92. 1. I have a small collection going, can I have my account as a “typewriter hunter”?

    2. Does it cost anything?


    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome!

      and no, it doesn’t cost anything. (:

  93. Hi!

    Is is possible to email you? I have a type writer that I need some help with.

    Kind reg.

  94. Hi

    I have a small collection and I have greatly appreciated all the information here. I would like to contribute as well.


    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  95. hi
    I have an Olivetti M44 which I can now date from the information on your site, I’m looking for more and would like to be a typewriter hunter. I’ll upload photos of my typewriter as soon as I can, I’m busy renovating it at the moment. Cheers. Jim

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  96. Hi, I have a small collection that I’ve dated and would love to add to your database!

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy! (:

  97. I set up an account, may I be upgraded to Hunter please?

    1. You may and you are, welcome! (:

  98. Hey Munk – Will you upgrade me to a Typewriter Hunter? I shall be your first Royal Empress (so to speak). :)

    Much obliged.


    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  99. I’ve over 250 machines almost all portables from 1890’s to late 40’s with a few exceptions. I have photos of some, along with serial numbers and a few machines seem to have no history even after heavy searches. I’d be happy to share the serial numbers and photos of these machines and see if a little light could be shone on their past history

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  100. I just made an account. I have a collection of about 20 machines that I have photos of and I would love to share them, could I get upgraded, please?

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  101. Hello i tryed to understand the S/N from the database, but i’m not sure so i ask here, and hope someone can resolve my problem.
    I have two Lettera 22 models
    the first one is made in “Ivrea, italy” his serial number have only 6 number “618593” its right the second edition? what the right years?

    The second one it come from “Glasgow Uk” but…is strange, before the serial number i see an “S” and than the SN “S7788252”, can be from 1960? but don’t have the red tabulator (i say wrong when i asume that the tabulator come after the second edition?) and the buttons are round not square form, the color is Cyan, lugage his is more like 50s so what is the right yeras for this one?


  102. Hey, I’d love to get upgraded to Hunter status. I’ve got but a few machines, but my Olympia SM9 is a bit of an oddity and I’d love to add it to the database. My user name is “DennisMoore”. Just registered today.

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  103. I have registered and would like to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status.

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  104. Hello! i wanna start uploading pictures from my collection, please upgrade me to typewriter hunter!
    thanks so much.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  105. Hello,

    I’m new to this hobby/addiction but already have 4 manual typewriters. I would like to be upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status so I can upload some pictures and serial numbers.



    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  106. Hello! I just registered for an account on typewriter database and I would love to contribute the typewriters in my collection. My username is wordsfromouterspace.

    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Enjoy!

  107. Ted, we’ve spoken about my technical manuals project before.

    I am registered and would like to please be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter.

    1. Ahh, that’s why the name sounded familiar. I upgraded you a day or so ago and forgot to reply to this to let you know. You’re all set! (:

  108. Hello,
    i’d like to have a upgrade to be a “hunter”.
    i own eight german typewriter from 1932 to 1955.
    so i want to post pictures and descriptions.

    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Welcome (:

      1. Jan-Christoph Steer

        thank you!
        its a honor for me to be in here.
        Jan-Christoph Steer

  109. Hello Munk! I’ve registered at TWDB under the username studiocouch and would love to be a Hunter. Thank you for your wonderful blog and the work you have put in. You have made collecting great.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy! (:

  110. I have a Smith-Corona Clipper (Canadian made) from 1947 (I think) passed on by my mother years ago and in fine shape though it likely needs a new or re-furbished ribbon. I’d be happy to add photos and a type specimen if upgraded to hunter status.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy! (:

  111. Well, “hunter” seems a bit audacious, but I’ve managed to accumulate some 20 typers at the moment, so I thought I’d upload some info if you’d allow me on the Database. Mostly they are Royals, but I do have a nice Woodstock 5 and an R.C. Allen, as well as a growing collection of Olympia and Royal portables.
    At any rate, I thought I’d do my bit for the community by sharing what I have. Please note I accidentally registered twice: the first time I got the user name slightly wrong. :-)

    1. Audacious it may be, but now you are one of us. 20? pshaw! you’ll have twice that before we’re done with ya. :D

      1. Many thanks! Twice that, eh? Works for me! (Just don’t tell the wife). :-)

  112. I’d like to be a Typewriter Hunter. Have a modest collection of Olympia Typewriters. EdH

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  113. Mr. Munk,

    Can I please get a TD upgrade to hunter? My account name is RoseTyper9. I have about thirty machines.
    Thank you!


    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  114. I just own one vintage typewriter, but would like to upload an image or images along with the serial number. I have an 80s era electronic typewriter with parallel interface that was used for my wife’s thesis but doubt that would be useful.


    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. Go ahead and upload the electronic typewriter too. We’ve been including them for future generations who might appreciate having the info and examples that are commonplace today. You never know what people will like 10 years from now. :D

  115. This is Jake, I am a collector in the North Phoenix area. On February 21 from 2-3, I am doing a little presentation at the North Valley Regional Library entitled “21st Century Typewriting.” I will be doing a short presentation about the history of typewriters, show people proper method, and then let them take a spin on my machines. I was wondering if you could let anyone who might be interested; just spread the word. Thanks! –Jake

  116. Greetings!
    So, you may consider this my formal request to be promoted to “Hunter”. I currently have 15 types in my collection. I’m collection mostly portables from the 50’s through the 70’s, but if I see anything at the right price I’m apt to grab it up. I have posted many of these types to my blog under the category “my typers”. I have been member on the OUTSTANDING typewriter database for a few months now, and I regularly read this blog as well. User name on the database is tomhitt.

    Thanks for your consideration, as soon as my promotion comes through, upload some nice pix, details and typing samples. Clack back when you can, thank you!


    1. auto correct strikes again. Grrr…. ~T~

    2. Promotion granted, soldier! Welcome (:

  117. Please consider this a request to upgrade me to typer “hunter” status. I’ve just acquired my 12th typer so I guess it’s time to make my collecting bug official. Thanks from Oregon.

    1. Nice corral of clackers there – Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  118. Guillermo Fernandez Boan

    I am logged in the Database as ORTBRAKER (a nickname, obviously).
    I am an argentinian calculators and typewriters collector, now with around eighty examples (between them “The Millionaire” calculating machine and a Keaton Music Typewriter).
    It would be nice to get in touch with Mr. Vilhelm Dromberg, member of the Typewriter Database, who owns a Mercedes Elektra identical to my Elektra. She is now non operating due to jammed electrical engine, and I lack a Technical Manual (or just an Owners Manual), in order to dismantle the beast.
    My email is ¿can anyone give me a helping hand?
    Thanks a lot
    Guillermo (ORTBRAKER9

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  119. I found the typewriter database while searching for info on my Blickensderfer 5 (serial number 3991). It belonged to my grandfather. It seems to be in quite good condition with it’s wooden box.

    Your database has a typo. It reads
    “Blick #5 began Early 1984, according to Bert Kerschbaumer’s early Blick letterhead [published in ETC #?]. This and other ephemera suggest that Robert Blickesderfer’s numbers used here may not be accurate until about the middle of 1897. [Peter Weil,2014]”

    I think Blick #5 began early 1894, not 1984.

    I’m not a collector and I’m trying to figure out what to do with the typewriter.

    1. fixed! Thanks (:

      What to do? Treasure it forever, take some nice pictures of it and locate the serial number & submit it to the Database, of course! I’ve upgraded you to “Typewriter Hunter” so you can do just that, so there! :D

  120. I’d like to be upgraded to…typewriter hunter. Thanks.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

      1. Thanks very much! Looking forward to it!

  121. Hi!

    I would be glad to upload photos, serial numbers and info on my typewriter collection and be a typewriter hunter !

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  122. Hello, I bought a typewriter this week-end, it is from 1950-60, but I dont find the exact type. I’ll look for the serial number on 21-22 march, but I’m looking for identification from this photograph : I’m a new member “xavde” of the typewrite database. Thanks a lot in advance for your help ;)

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

      That looks like a Remington Quiet-Riter, but you’d have to find the serial number to know for sure.

  123. Richard van der Bouwijn

    Okay, Created a new email account, and created an account at the TWDB. If you still need some people to post their (modest) collections, you may add my name.

    1. Richard van der Bouwijn

      Oh. My user name is “thecabinboy.”

      1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Enjoy!

  124. Hey, great! Thanks! It may be a week or so before I can start posting stuff. This semester I have a really difficult course load with several papers due shortly.

    Typewriter Hunter eh! Hot damn. Does this mean I can run around thrift and antique shops in leopard skin briefs? Carrying a spear? How about a bolo made from old typewriter ribbons? I’m excited! If I were a dog, I’d wag myself fluffy.

    1. we’ll be around (:

      Prefer jodhpurs and a pith helmet myself, but whatever the shop’s dress code allows, I expect would be acceptable.

  125. Hey, just finished setting up an account at TD – I’d love to become a typewriter hunter. I have a couple and I’m always on the lookout!

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter!

  126. Hello
    I have a pretty substantial collection of typewriters
    i would like to be upgraded to typewriter hunter

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  127. I would like to be a Typewriter Hunter, please!

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  128. Upgrade me to Typewriter Hunter – I’ll take glamor shots of my one presentable typewriter (the other two aren’t photo ready yet).

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  129. Hi Munk,

    interested in becoming a typewriter hunter. Have 60 laying around, don’t mind sharing my data and pictures.

    Kind regards

    1. I upgraded the “BPSombekke” account. I will delete the other two. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  130. I would like to be a Typewriter Hunter. Thank you :)

    1. You are now upgraded! Welcome Typewriter Hunter (:

  131. Hi, i’d like to be upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” to add some of my typers to the database. I’m registered as “nothingtosay”

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! I hope you have something to say (:

      1. Thank you! At least i have something to upload!
        I added some photographs of my Simtype Baby, and I’ll add some other typewriters in the next days.

  132. Hello, I would like to be upggraded to “Typewriter Hunter, so that I could add photo’s of my Royal Commander.

    Thank You,


    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

  133. Hello there, I have humble wish to become a Hunter.
    I will be tiny hunter from Czech Republic with my 11 machines, but the number is still rising! By the time I will post photos of Olivetti MP1 marked as “Monta” and others.
    Thaks for whole database . With regards, Vlastimil

    1. I have upgraded your “Schrei112” account to Typewriter Hunter, and deleted the older account. Welcome! (:

  134. I want to thank you for your work on this incredible database. I just acquired and old Royal Quiet Deluxe and went to the net to find info on it. The SN is A-1762016 and I believe it is a 1949 version. It works great, but needs an ink ribbon. The travel case is also in great shape.

    1. Thank you! And you’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter, now go upload & show us your QDL :D

  135. Would love to be upgraded to hunter, have many questions, and much to share!

    Thank you


    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  136. Hi. I would like to be upgraded to TH status. I have around 50 machines and will start uploading pics and info.

    fyi – I have an Adler Tippa with serial #4160257 which seems to predate the 4170000 1959 start in the database? It doesn’t say 1 or S on the badge, just Tippa.

    Thanks and looking forward to joining the team!

    Mike Murphy
    Baltimore, MD

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

      Re: Tippa, note that European serial number lists are often “December” numbers rather than “January” numbers. Thus anything before 417k would be 1959, then between 417k to 4195001 would be 1960, and so on.

  137. I have five typewriters I’d be happy to add to the site. I have an account under the username “mephits”. Thanks!

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

      1. Thank you!

  138. Hi, can I be a typewriter hunter? I have 6 typewriters, and the collection is growing every month!

    1. And my username is “TypewriterGuy”

      1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D
        PS: Typewriter addiction isn’t a terrible thing – just apply more typewriters topically for instant relief. (:

  139. Hello,

    I would like to be upgraded to typewriter hunter, my username is: mzhilin.

    Thank You!

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  140. Hi there! Would absolutely love to be a beta tester and upload my 1926 Underwood Portable 4-Bank. Username: unitof.

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  141. Hi, this comment-based upgrading feels like a lot of work for you! (But I do get it, my own blog got spammed recently and it was not pretty.) All these months and I’ve just now realised I have to be upgraded to upload my typewriters – I’m a bit short on time but I do have a couple that aren’t represented on the Database, and I’d like to get them up on there. It’s such a great resource. Thanks. :)

    1. ahh, it’s only a couple people a month, so it’s not all that arduous, and it keeps the riff-raff out. Once out of beta, I’ll open the floodgates with some kind of quiz-based self-upgrade, but that’s down the road a bit. (

      Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  142. I would like to be upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. I don’t have many typewriters (I have 8), and they are not too old, but I’d like to be able to upload some pictures. Here is, for example, a Royal HH that I repaired, since it wasn’t in great shape when I bought it, and a Royal Portable Standard.

  143. Hi there,

    still in beta after more than 2 years? Wow …

    Anyway, I’d like to share my typewriters with fotos, serial numbers an so on and for that it seems my account needs an upgrade to typewriter hunter.

    Username is “osh”.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

      1. Woohoo :-)
        Thank you!

      2. I realize now that I failed to include my username, oscarc. I hope I can too be upgraded to a Typewriter Hunter.

        1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  144. I have 2 type writers and I would like to add pictures of them to the collection, as well I have made a computer font with one of them and I would like to include that so people can download that and use it on their computer

    1. (Jason was my user name and I would like to be changed to type writer hunter as well)

      1. well, you already are upgraded, I tend to automatically upgrade users who upload a profile pic or add a description. (:

  145. Hi, I’m just a collector of typewriters, I 17 machines now

    and I try many other wants to become a Hunter, in order to create my Gallery.

    regards Paul

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter!

  146. Hi,
    I just got my first typewriter, Its a 1948 Royal and I’d really like to upload the serial number and some pictures. username is ericpbigg

    Thanks !

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter!

  147. Hullo! I joined Typewriter Database specifically to share a photo of my Sears Tower Quiet Tabulator – your site helped me identify it and figure out where to look for replacement ribbons! I would love to upload my typewriter’s photo & data via your uploader if that would still be a useful thing for you. Just let me know! My username is “NicoleJLeBoeuf”

    1. It would help! That pesky Smith-Corona gave each one of its serial prefixes a different serial number run after the mid-50’s, and that means Towers have their own serialing that we know basically nothing about production-date-wise. Every entry helps.

      Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

      1. Thanks! I’ll try to get some pics uploaded soonish. :-)

  148. Hi there, I just joined Typewriter Database. I have a few writers along with their serial numbers I would like to upload and share (one of which is a lovely little Tower).
    User name is Pandora07.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  149. Well, Mr. Munk, search as I might, I am unsuccessful in finding contact information here, on the Typewriter Database, or on So I hope you’ll forgive me for being (slightly) tangential in my comment on this post, but you do say above to come with serial numbers handy, and I (for the life of me) cannot find the serial number on this Erika model 10 I recently acquired. I’d be very grateful if you could advise me in this matter.

    1. You were unsuccessful by design. My personality is such that I consider it wasteful and irritating that people attempt to contact me directly with the same questions over and over that can be answered a single time publicly for the edification of all.

      The personal answer is “I don’t know. I’ve never owned an Erika 10.” – but the more complete and useful answer is 3-part:

      1) Go become a member of the TWDB and come back to this very post to request to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter.
      2) once upgraded, upload photos of your machine to a gallery, and say something about ‘any help finding the serial number would be appreciated’ in your gallery description.
      3) Presently, any number of other collectors who do know something about the Erika 10 will provide a helpful answer in the gallery comments.

      You see, it’s a community thing, not an ‘ask the Oracle’ thing. You provide us with the example of your machine for study, and the community gives back the answers you need, which we discover by studying the documents and examples. It’s a two-way street. (:

  150. I’ve got 8 total machines in my collection (so far), and would love to help out by adding their serials and pictures for the database.

    This site has been incredibly helpful, and I’m glad to contribute data to give back!

    I just signed up this morning, and my user name is JTRobertson.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter JTRobertson! (:

      1. Thank you!

        I need to grab some pics with decent lighting, and then I’ll start uploading. :)

  151. hi i just signed up for the database and would like to add photos of my collection, thanks!

    1. You are now upgraded! Welcome Typewriter Hunter (:

  152. May I please become a Typewriter Hunter? User name; plundy.
    Thank you.

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter Paul – I’ve heard of you over at Bremerton Office Machines! Took a look at your site and saw this post:

      I’ve got one of those Smith-Coronas with the 6-pitch typeface:
      Man, those things jump all over the desk when you type, from the escapement tripping almost a quarter inch per keystrike :D

      1. They sure do. I have a Royal Standard from 1935 at home and it is so nice as it stays put. The customer told me he really only wants a few typewriters (ha, ha), and when he is tired of LARGE letters he would keep me in mind. Thanks for upgrading me to Typewriter Hunter!

  153. Hello! My name is Melissa and I have been collecting and using typewriters for almost 20 years; I have 26 typewriters and would love to be a typewriter hunter. I have created an account. I use your site to date my typewriters frequently–thank you for doing this!

    1. You are now upgraded! Welcome Typewriter Hunter (:

  154. I would like to upgrade to typewriter hunter. I have a few typewriters and am relatively new to this hobby. username is colrehogan on the typewriter database forum.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  155. Hi all! Mr. Munk, I wonder where the best place would be to post about my 1938/39 Royal having an odd key that I’ve never seen before and to ask whether anyone might know of something similar–I apparently have a key with the symbol for Japanese yen on my keyboard and wonder if it might be a custom job. I’m not interested in selling, so I don’t want to know about added value–just whether anyone has ever seen such a thing. Any thoughts?
    Thank you!

    1. You can add a note and photos to the machine’s gallery on the TWDB, which may get you answers from other collectors. Probably the best answer, though is that it was pretty common to have special characters fitted to a typewriter. Usually cost only a few dollars to have the dealer do it, and every repair shop could switch out slugs and keys to any number of desired characters. Basically anything you wanted that would fit on the slug.

      1. Thank you–that’s very helpful!

  156. Hello I am totally new in this field. And I have a beautiful Underwood typewriter found from the years 1902-1903. This I want to post as Typewriter Hunter. Maybe you can give me to say yes to what model it is. Thank you.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  157. I haven’t yet posted a photo to my Account, but can you upgrade me to Hunter? I’m on a trip, and may run across machines to share. Looking for a posting photo now….

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  158. Looking to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter please!

    Username is IronHeinrich.

    1. already did, like yesterday :D

      1. Haha, thank you!

  159. Hey, I just uploaded a Royal 10 that I have with a serial number that wasn’t already in the database. I was looking through some of the age lists and couldn’t find it! Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  160. Hello,

    I would like to be updated to Typewriter Hunter status. My username is caiusb.

    Thank you,

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  161. Requesting typewriter Hunter Status!
    Username: Java68



  162. (Sorry, seem to have entered incorrect email adress, hereby corrected)
    Requesting typewriter Hunter Status!
    Username: Java68



    1. You are now upgraded! Welcome Typewriter Hunter (:

      1. Thank you!

  163. I have two beautiful unrestored examples of the very early Art Nouveau style Royal 10s with dual beveled glass, complete decals, including the very rare pinstriping, and the early articulated paper guides.

    The earlier example from 1915, X224XXX was produced about 12,000 units into the initial addition of glass panels. It has variable line spacing and predates the database production number for variable line spacing (listed as 282,000). I’d be happy to post photos, but cannot find a way to do so.

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! Try uploading now that you have access to the tools. (:

  164. Would love to be upgraded to a typewriter hunter. Thank.

    Member name is lappin.

    1. You’ve been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status, welcome! (:

      1. can you please upgrade me .. markal918 thank you

        1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  165. I have a Royal 10, probably made in the 1920s. The serial no. is X1234859. Can you provide any more information on it?


  166. Hi Munk – please upgrade me to ‘Hunter’. I have more IBM Selectrics than any sane person could reasonably justify.


    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy! (:

      1. Thanks *MR* Munk. (Hadn’t realised that was your surname – no disrespect intended.)

  167. Please, upgrade me to “Typewriter Hunter”. My username is “jpochyly”. Thank You.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

      1. Thanks

  168. I have a few I’d like to contribute. Several HQ photos ready to go! Thanks.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  169. I would like to be upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  170. Hi!
    Please upgrade me to “hunter”)
    My typewriters want to join your community :)

    Username is Sergei110.

    1. You have been upgraded to Typewriter Hunter status. Enjoy!

  171. Please upgrade my membership to “typewriter hunter”. Thanks!

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  172. Hello!

    Please, upgrade my status to “Typewriter Hunter”. Username: sandler. Thank you.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  173. Hello Munk!
    Wonderful site/database. I thank you endlessly.
    Recently bought my first typewriter (1964 Olivetti Lettera 32)
    and will post photos as soon as I possibly can.
    Thanks! And keep it up!

    Username is ‘bluegrassish’.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  174. hello, i have an underwood olivetti studio 44 that has a serial number not on your site, the number is 6080670?(5 or 9)4

    1. also, i’m not sure the year this serial number was used but if i can help, i will, my username is rtim20

      1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  175. Hi, what a nice webpage, I would like to share with you my lettera 22 collection and some others.

    Username: ordazunx

    Thank you so much

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  176. Would love to be upgraded. Thank you for maintaining such a useful website.

    1. You are now upgraded! Welcome Typewriter Hunter (:

  177. I am following the FAQ post instructions and asking to be upgraded, thank you! I am very excited to participate in this community.

    1. ok, you’re upgraded to “Typewriter Hunter” status. enjoy!

  178. Hello, If I could be upgraded to typewriter hunter that would be fantastic! I just registered and my user name is Corsa. I’d love to add my few typewriters and more as I pick them up. Thank you!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  179. Drew Saffell (scrible)

    Hi, I’m Drew, an active typewriter hunter and collector who is very active on the “Antique Typewriter Collectors” Facebook group. I would really like to be able to add my specimens to the database. Will you upgrade me? Thanks!

    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  180. I’d love to get an upgrade to become a TW Hunter! Username is jfraney.


    1. Ok, you’re now a Typewriter Hunter, enjoy! (:

  181. I would like to be upgraded-excited to join in on the conversations! Username is: armzagadams

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  182. Hello!
    I would like to be upgraded on the typewriter database!
    I have a 1947 Royal Quiet Deluxe serial No. A-1475946.
    My username is Brenden.
    Thank you!

    1. Hmmn, apparently I already did upgrade you, mainly because you uploaded an avatar and a description. :D

  183. Hello! I would love to be upgraded to typewriter hunter my username is ThewritingInstrument

    1. Already upgraded you too, as you had a description and avatar uploaded. Welcome (:

  184. Hi, I’d like to become a typewriter hunter. I’ve already got a few machines, and I’d like to join the community. Thanks!

    1. already upgraded you – welcome (:

  185. I would like to be upgraded to a level at which I can upload a gallery for my first typewriter. It’s not listed, and I would like help identifying it. Username: js

    1. Welcome, you are upgraded! (:

  186. Hi! I’ve just joined the Typewriter Database (username: encyclopaediac), and I’d like to be upgraded please, so I can start sharing my own collection, slowly but (hopefully) steadily. Thank you!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  187. Hello!

    Could you please add the following brands to the database?

    Though Progress is already present in the DB, there is also another Progress, which is successor to Yanalif. It’s a desktop typewriter, a bit less common compared to desktop Moskva.

    Thank you.

    1. Got it – added all of these to categories. Thank you! (:

  188. Greetings, I’m new to the typosphere but would like to start hunting for some tasty typewriters – could you upgrade me on the database? I’m thesimbalife. Thanks!

    1. approved! Welcome Typewriter Hunter (:

  189. Hello! I just created an account on Typewriter Database. My username is JonATL. May I be upgraded?

    Thank you!

  190. Hi, not sure where to ask to be upgraded to typewriter hunter, but I’m trying here. Thanks!

  191. My user name is Rick. I want to be in the band.

  192. Newb to the world of typewriters. I see you added me as Typewriter Hunter even before I figured out to ask. Thank you. Just received my first typewriter in the mail today – a 1959 Remington Rand Letter-Riter Deluxe.

    Justin L. Smith
    Prestonsburg, KY

    1. yep, saw ya and figured you for one of us.. :D

  193. Just registered as TomA2Mich
    Put in a short description.
    But could not upload any photos for the avatar.
    I have my photos on a Macbook and can export them from large to small
    I tried to put in a photo that was 134kb, size = 566 x 561 but nothing happened
    I didn’t see any “Save” buttons so assumed it would be saved unless changed again.
    I would like to be upgraded so I can share my photos and SNs.

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter!

  194. Hi, I’m just starting collecting and am looking to contribute to the TWDB. My username is johnsquare, and I’ appreciate an upgrade! (especially as I have an Olympia SM8 with a dodgy carriage lock lever that’s foxing me)

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  195. Guillermo Fernandez Boan

    Hi. Where should I enter into the Typewriter Database my Braille Pitch Typewriter?
    In “pitch-record” or under another name?

    Ortbraker (Typewriter Hunter)

    1. Sure, file it under that. If we find a better category, we can make it. (:

  196. I added a new machine in my gallery…xD
    Upgrade me, please…xD

    1. if you can upload machines, you’re already upgraded (:

  197. Juan Carlos Calabria

    Hello, I just register on the typewriting database site and want to be upgraded, my user name is JuanCalabria10

    1. Welcome Thypewriter Hunter!

      1. Juan Carlos Calabria

        Thank you, I’m really new about the typewriter world but got a Royal HH 195x that think is 1955, but looking in the database there is something that is mistery to me, the serial I have is HHP-92-5758583, the mistery is the 92, I think that problably is because it was manufactured with a spanish keyboard, don’t know is guess, my grandfather bought it new in the 55.

        1. Juan Carlos Calabria

          Sorry, I didn’t saw the rules until now, don’t worry I’ll figure it out.

  198. Hi munk. I’ve created a profile and I’ve got a few typers I’d like to add to the database. Would you please upgrade my account?

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter!

  199. I would like to be a Hunter please :)

    My username is bradley006

    I’ve got a Silent Corona screaming to be on your site!

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  200. I too would like to be a typewriter hunter. My user name is Cactusman58
    Thank you Rev.

  201. Good Day,

    Humbly request an upgrade to Hunter status. I have a Galaxie Deluxe to add to your serial number search. User ID is “k0ntaKt”


    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  202. Hello my username is JeffS

    I have a US Navy typewriter circa 1941 and would like to access your forum to post pictures, serial #, etc., in effort to find out more info about it and it’s value. Can you upgrade me?

    1. Oops, did not see your posting rules until I scrolled down to the bottom of this blog. Let me clarify my intent behind word “value” used in my original post. When I say “value” I’m speaking in terms of maybe donating it to the Battleship USS New Jersey which is docked only 10 minutes from my home or possibly a naval museum? It also has sentimental value as it’s been in my family since before I was born and the fact that I used it as a child in the late ’60s early ’70s to complete home work for school. So I’m not looking to sell it but it would be nice to know it’s value if only for bragging rights.


  203. Heidi-ho! I am trying to register among the ranks of the online type-thusiast community. Hoping to develop my knowledge and appreciation of these useful little machines with a Typewriter Hunter chevron. Also wanna share some pictures and type samples! Username: liamo. Thanks!

  204. Hi, I just created an account. Can you upgrade me? My account is doogie55.

    Doug Elliot

  205. Hi, mr. Munk))

    I try to create a gallery with a Supra typewriter (mechanical from early 2000s), but this brand is apsend)

    Regards, Sergei110.

    1. just put it in under category “Unknown” we’ll make a new category for it.

  206. The Typewriter Database is a very useful webpage. Is amazing the way it serves to organize a typewriter collection, keep serial numbers and photographs in order, and many other useful things.
    Just an example: Sometimes is not easy to find a serial number. By strange reasons, not always they are where you expect to find them. Then, you just take a look in other collectors photographs of similar typewriters model, and usually the problem is solved in minutes.
    So, I need to express my pleasure to be here and thank you very much indeed.

  207. I have just found a Royal typewriter in an antique shop in England and am having trouble tracing which model it is from the serial number, Would love some help.
    Its a Royal in pale green. FPS-16-88-7248247

  208. Sorry my name is willsmam

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! Go ahead and make a gallery for your machine. we’ll help you figure out the model & year.

  209. i have a royal model hh, the keys appear to be locked. i was wondering if there is some trick to unlocking them without doing undue damage?

  210. I’m signing up. I also apparently should rename my typewriter collection the Kennel, because I have some dogs…

    AnalogTech, with my SC Cougar XL, Brother Charger 11, and a Holland-built Royal…

    1. Welcome to TWDB, dogs and all (:

  211. I’ve a 1930 Royal Portable s/n P229670 which I’d like to restore. My username is cobson, could I be upgraded please ?

    1. Welcome, you are upgraded! (:

  212. Hello. My name is David M. MacMillan, and my newly registered typewriterdatabase username is “dmmlemur”. I’d like to be upgraded.

    I have something over 125 typewriters (most of them saved as they were being discarded over the last 35 years), and I need to start documenting them. I’ve put some background literature (but as yet no photographs) online at:

    David M.

    1. heh, approved you last night when I checked out your website. Nice collection of early references there (:

  213. I have a 1930 Remington Portable #3 (s/n V347485)which I would like to restore. Could I be upgraded? My username is ‘begonialater’.

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  214. The database has been an enormous blessing to me! Thanks for making it! May I be upgraded so that I can contribute? Thanks! :) Username: lorien

    1. welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  215. I am a new member, can I upgrade so I can post photos of my purchase of a brand new never used Olivetti Linea 98 machine which I bought in Holland The Netherlands, still in original box, all original packing and unpacking book, it is a lovely unused machine but had to be swabbed in alcohol in type basket to free up slugs, my username is “olivettityper”

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  216. Hi there! Have 5 older typewriters, would love to give info, pics, and be an official typewriter hunter! I’m at Raugust on the database!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  217. I would like to upgrade to Typewriter Hunter. My username is BareFootBriGuy. Thank you.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  218. Created an account; looking to upload some pics and info. User name: CraigClevenger

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  219. Howdy, I just created an account and would like to enter my old typewriters into the gallery. How do I go about doing that?

    1. I’ve upgraded your account so you can. Welcome!

  220. Please upgrade username jsulier to “Typewriter Hunter” status, thank you.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  221. Hello! I’ve had an account for quite some time, and I’d like to know if there is a way to change the ‘real name’ for the account. My name is quite distinctive and, as a result, a quick Google search shows everything from this site. Not that I’m embarrassed, but it is a little unnerving. I’d like to have my last name changed to the first initial, if at all possible.
    Thanks a ton!

  222. I would like to be added to the typewriter hunters please. My user name is Spazmelda2.

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  223. I would like to add my Royal #10’s serial number to the database. Thanks!

    1. welcome, typewriter hunter!

  224. Hello. I’d love to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter, please. My member name is devontypewriters. Thank you.

    1. welcome, typewriter hunter!

  225. I would like to be upgraded, please.

    1. My username is Ichimura.

      1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  226. Kristians Luhaers

    Good evening. Or morning… :)
    My name is Kristians. I’m from Latvia. In my free time I’m started to clean and repair typewriters. I own about a dozen of them, all are European marks like Erika, Continental, Torpedo, Kappel, etc…
    I will appreciate if you upgrade my status here. Username – clc.
    Thank you.

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  227. Dear Mr Munk

    It looks like I have found two incorrectly dated machines
    First is Corona 3

    According to it’s serial number, it should be 1923

    second is this Continental:

    I have written comment here. Serial number have obviously five digits. It can be seen on third photo in the gallery. It really looks like 72430. I have 7 Continentals, varying from 1921 to 1939 and this machine is definitely not 1938, I put my hand into fire for that!

    I hope, that you find my remarks helpful. Thanks for whole database and have a nice day!

    Best regards
    Typewriter hunter
    Vlastimil Novák

  228. Please upgrade me to Hunter status, my user name is NoelHC, just registered this morning.

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  229. Hi,I’ve browsed this site for years and decided it was time to become a member. Can you upgrade me? Thank you. My userid is: jademello.

    Thanks much and I’ve been spending time enjoying all of the Hunter’s collections. Wow!

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  230. Greetings — it’s Michael McGettigan; how’s life? Re: requests for valuations: Best Response I saw was on a bicycle blog, where the moderator replied, “It is worth nothing. Send it to me. I will pay shipping.” Ha!

    Greetings and sorry to post in comments but couldn’t find email…; was about to post my latest ridiculous Type-IN propaganda and saw that is now archived, and in need of a moderator/updater. I have (pretty dang basic) wordpress ability… what would be involved in taking on, weekly, say–updates?


    — Mike McGettigan

  231. Howdy Mr. Munk! I’m just passing along an observation that some of the typewriter model links – the ones that show all specimens of that model across hunters’ galleries – seems to be broken in some cases. I noticed that with the link to “Consul 221.1”, and “Consul 231.3” also seems not to work. “Consul Model 223?” does work, so perhaps it’s just model names with “dots” in them.

  232. Hello….I would like to upgraded to Typewriter Hunter

    for typewriter forums I like to use the name Malling Hansen
    (in tribute to the creator of The Writing Ball)
    my real name is Michael Hansen…but I don’t like to use it
    too much on the web.

    I hope this is acceptable.


    1. oh yeah….my user name is: WritingBall

      1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  233. Hello.

    I own three typewriters. I don’t think I’m a collector, but thanks to Richard Polt’s book and his appearance at Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor this past January, I’m putting my typewriters to more use. I’d be happy to include my three (and if I find myself adding more) to the database if upgraded to Typewriter Hunter. My user name is DoHaengMichaelKitchen.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  234. Hello! Could I be upgraded to a Typewriter Hunter? I have 8 that I would like to contribute to the site! (and those as I find them!)
    UN: abbybarth

    1. welcome, typewriter hunter!

  235. Hello, I have been collecting, using, and researching typewriters for several years now and I am still learning about many different typewriters that are out there. I would like to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter.

    My username is Oliver9.

    Thank you very much!

    1. welcome typewriter hunter! (:

  236. I have just acquired an early underwood, green keys/ unable to find serial number, where would it be, sorry for not knowing, but I’m a lawnmower historian/collector!!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! Go ahead and upload your Underwood, I’m sure someone will let you know where the serial number is.

  237. Hello! Could I please be upgraded so that I can add my (tiny) collection? My username is Camelotte. Thank you!

    1. welcome, typewriter hunter! :D

  238. Hello
    I am a very recent collector of typewriters from Finland, who however already has amassed a collection of 20 typewriters. My latest acquisition is a Olivetti Lexikon 80E, a behemoth of a typewriter. I would love to find a manual for this.
    I would like to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter.
    my username is jl
    Thank you!

    1. welcome, typewriter hunter! (:

  239. Hi all! My mom recently passed away in December and she had this old Royal Quiet de Luxe typewriter and I’m just trying to find the year of it. I see the serial # is A-1908619 and I can’t find it in any list. It’s in a yellowish tweed case. Please help me find the year of this and the actual make/model. Thanks!! My user name is GnarlySharli

    1. welcome, typewriter hunter! (:

  240. Hello! Could I be upgraded to a Typewriter Hunter?

    Items I have in my typewriter collection:
    Imperial Model 220 (compact portable)
    Smith-Corona SD250 (portable electric)
    Blickensderfer 7 with English keyboard, 1897
    (I would like to know how to locate the serial number)
    Photo available if you tell me how to upload it.

    1. Welcome, typewriter hunter! (:

      1. Thank you! Do you know how to find the serial number on the Blick 7?

  241. Hi! I’d like to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter, please :)
    My username is radioactivealchemist

    1. already upgraded you. welcome! (:

  242. Hi, I have registered on the typewriter site, my username on there is Anakey. I have a 1956 Olympia Deluxe that needs a small bit of TLC after been stuck in an attic for several decades. I saw on the site that there is another member that had the exact same model with just 10 serial numbers behind the one I have and was just wondering if they or anyone else could point me in the directon to help mend it.

    1. welcome typewriter hunter! (:

  243. hi i just updated my profile on the database. i don’t have a lot to share yet, but would like to upload my typewriters….

    1. welcome typewriter hunter! (:

  244. OK, updated the JOlshefsky profile—ready to start taking pictures …

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  245. HELLO



    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  246. Please upgrade my account – Hantie

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! :D

  247. Hello – please can I be upgraded? Thanks! – Verdilith

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

      1. thank you!

  248. good evening sir
    is it possible to change my name on

    1. sure, I can do that. what would you like it changed to?

  249. Please update me in the database. My username is slackplan9. Thanks.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  250. I’d like to be added to the Typewriter Hunters – please and thanks.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  251. Hello, I would be honored to be granted access to the Typewriter Hunter resources. My username is the same as what I’m using here. Thank you kindly in advance!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  252. I’ve got my binoculars and butterfly net ready. Please upgrade me to ‘Typewriter Hunter’ :D

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  253. i would like to be upgraded.

  254. Hello, it would be honor to be granted access to the Typewriter Hunter resources. My username is CassTheNerd Thank you in advance!

  255. Hello, might I be upgraded to ‘Typewriter Hunter’? Much obliged, T.

  256. Hi:

    Would love to be a real live typewriter hunter. Username, pdxtypewriter.

    Thanks you for your resources. What fun.

    1. Welcome, real live typewriter hunter! (:

  257. Hi, I’d like to be added as a typewriter hunter. I registered the username jchalifour

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  258. Hello,

    Please add me as a Typewriter Hunter…. Just getting started with my collection.

    Username – bryanb12

    Thank you!!

  259. Hi,

    please upgrade my account. The account’s name is “typemax”. I have two typewriters to add to the database. Maybe some more in near future.

    thanks in advance

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  260. Hi, I’d love to be upgraded. My username is markymix. Thanks!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  261. Hi I’d like to be added to your typewriter hunter list so I can add a couple of typewriters.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  262. Can i be upgraded please, really need some info on my Imperial Safari

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  263. Please up grade me to typewriter hunter. Thanks, The Aerojet

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  264. Ted, I’ll gladly accept an upgrade if only to enter my one and only LC Smith & Brothers typewriter. Where would I find the S/N? I would venture to guess that it is well over 100 years old.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  265. Hello Ted,
    Recently by accident I’ve added a machine that I already created a gallery for at some point in the past. The database recognized it and did not increase my machine count treating new entry as a duplicate. I tried to rectify that by replacing the data and photos with another machine – rather than deleting the entry altogether – which I was able to do but the count was not updated afterwards. Any suggestions please?

    1. Sorry – forgot to write the entry no.: 6397. Thank you!

      1. the count isn’t updated in real-time. it gets compiled nightly at midnight (:

        1. Well – when I added 6402 it was updated instantly. And I waited a couple of midnights now but the corrected one was not added to the count :)

          1. ..or I might be wrong – sorry :)

          2. I may not be understanding what the issue is, but I think if you count the number of machine galleries you have, the count will be right. If you actually replaced one duplicate entry with a new one, the count would remain the same, since you’re just editing an existing record.

            As far as the point totals go, that’s refreshed each midnight, and is calculated anew with each refresh. it’ll always be right as long as you don’t mind waiting till midnight. (:

  266. I’d like to be upgraded so that I can add my typewriter to the database.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  267. Where do I find a serial number on a Remington Remette? Mine is different from every photo I have ever found…

  268. Hello! I request your blessing to join the ranks of the Hunter! I have three Remingtons in my personal collection, as well as a collection of twelve that I am deFacto curator of in a local museum. Those range from an 1894 Remington to an ’80s SCM, with a smattering of Underwoods, Olivers, and an Elliot Fischer book Typewriter for good measure! Once I figure out where to find all the serial numbers, I should have quite the selection of galleries for you!
    Thanks! (username is Companynine)

    1. Then you are welcome and upgraded, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  269. I would love to join the exclusive and illustrious ranks of the Typewriter Hunter! My username is “writewiththeflow”. Thanks so much for running such a cool site!

  270. Hi,
    I’d like to be upgraded so that I can add my “french version” of Underwood typewriter to the database.

  271. Have a little orange baby Hermes that’s keen to join her buds in your gallery, please upgrade? Sleastie

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter!

  272. Hi! I am a new typewriter enthusiast. I have 10 different portable Olympia’s and I would like to add to your database. Thank you very much!

    1. welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  273. Hi! I just started with a modest collection of 1 typewriter (Underwood Touchmaster 5), but I’d like to be added anyway.

  274. Please upgrade my membership. Thanks

  275. Hi. I would like to be upgraded to “hunter” so I may start adding my machines to the database.

  276. Hello, I would love to have my account upgraded. This is a great website, very convenient and lots of helpful information.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  277. Hi there,
    I would like to be upgraded so I can upload some pictures I made of my collection of typewriters. Nothing major, only 10 machines or so, but I’m a great fan of your website and would love to contribute.

    Kind regards,


  278. I have more typewriters than I need or than my wife knows about. Shh! Anyways I am a former antiques dealer turned writer and wish to be upgraded to hunter.

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  279. Hi, I would like to join this fine club. Please upgrade me.

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    (Have an Remington Std no 11 work in progress..)

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  281. Hi there!

    I’ve got some photos and serials to upload to the database. Is it possible to upgrade?


  282. Please, add “Zenit” to the brand list. It’s a Soviet copy of the ’50s Royal QDL, exact manufacturer yet unknown. We have just an abbreviation “НПЗ” (“NPZ”) for it, which stands for quite a number of factories. More info coming with the first Zenit in database this fall.

  283. Hey,
    I would love to be upgraded as well! I collect typewriters, and recently acquired a 1965 Lettera 32.
    username: shanytc

  284. Dear munk,

    I would like to upload some pictures of my typewriters and therefore ask you to upgrade me. My account is “DeerTensor”. Although I just recently started with my “collection” I am really enthusiastic about the topic “Typewriters” and glad, that you run the Typewriter Database. Very cool! :)
    Best regards

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  285. Hi my user name is Skyriterfan and have 3 typewriters and would like to become a hunter thank you for your consideration.

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      1. Thank you I will post very soon. thanks again.

  286. Hey Ted, please upgrade me! I promise to be a loyal Hunter and uphold the oath. What is the oath?

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter and Guitar Maker! The oath is just photograph and document your machines well, and have fun learning (:

  287. Evening – interesting hoops you’ve set up for new users but I totally understand the reason for such a vetting process. I set my self up as ErrantRed and “The Llama perches at dawn.”

    No, wait, that isn’t it … “I would like to be upgraded.”

    Sorry, confused my secret societies. You never heard about that Llama.

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  288. Hi. I am login Gardenmax. I live in Moscow Russia. I am typewriter collector. I have more then 60 typewriters. Please upgrade me. I promise to be a loyal Hunter.

    BR Max

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:
      I’m excited to see your collection – we are only just now starting to learn the manufacturing history of machines made in the U.S.S.R. with the help of collectors in that region.

      1. Ok I can help here.

  289. I have a 1932 Corona 4 to add.

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  290. My user name is natemon and would like to become a hunter. Thank you.

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  291. I would like to check some of the service manuals, if you could upgrade my account to typewriter hunter I would appreciate it. My username is “MrTurtlez”.


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  297. A tremendous resource! Many thanks. I have about 35 machines which I would like to add to the TWDB, and I can only assume that more will come…please upgrade me so that I can send photos and type samples.
    login: deedub

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  300. Hello everybody !
    I am a french typist and a writer. I am running monthly type-ins in Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne département, eastern France) My username is paulsath. Hope you won’t mind my approximate English! I would really like to be upgraded to Typewriter Hunter! Is there other french members here ?
    All the best.

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  301. I’m hoping to add my c1961 Hermes baby to the database, and I understand that somehow might
    make me a Typewriter hunter. My parents bought the doo dad new in France at the Canex store on the Royal Canadian Airforce base. Found the serial number certificate tucked in the case…

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  302. Please add me to be a TW hunter. I have a question though–I am collecting a fantasy collection of Yiddish typewriters that I find online. If the TW isn’t mine, but I have a picture and serial #, can I still add it to the database? Here’s my info on Yiddish typewriters:

    1. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:
      Yes, just add them as “Sightings” if you don’t own them. That flag really only exists as a filter so you can embed “just the ones you own” into your webpage or blog via the TWDB widget. It’s not like we’re the “who owns it” police :D

  303. Hi there! Love the site! Would love to be the newest member of your typewriter hunters. Even though I currently only have the one model (A model 11 Underwood) I’m hoping to collect a few over the years and would love to exchange with the rest of the team on various topics!
    Greetings from Montreal, Canada!
    Username: Philers

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter (:

  304. Hello.Just created an account,username: Hellmood.Would like to upload pictures of my old saxonian typewriters and to find contact to some like minded people,maybe even in my area.Thank you

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  305. I have done as you have asked, good sir. If you would be so kind, please elevate DrNiceBeard to the status of Typewriter Hunter. :D Thanks again so much! I look forward to all of you being able to see my incredible machine! :D

    1. Thou art Elevated indeed (:

  306. I am in need of help in getting information about my Mother’s typewriter. It is an Olympia Script. The only other information I can find is the word “Deluxe” and what I believe to be a serial numbe which is 1276324.
    Any help someone can provide is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  307. A smith-corona sterling…I found this good ole work horse at a yard sale this week in great condition, Im guessing 1946 or 47 but not certain #4a243… can’t seem to fig out your data base :/. Made in USA. cleaning it up for my daughter, an aspiring writer :) can’t wait to see her reaction on Christmas.

    I’m new to all this, therefore; very thankful to read all your info…never knew this world existed!
    You can add me to Hunter status, BookWorm2.

    1. Welcome, Typewriter hunter – and that Sterling (4A prefix) is a “Speedline” 1947 model, by the serial number. (:

  308. Can you add me as a Hunter? I have had an IBM Actionwriter since my college days in the 1980’s, and simply love that machine. I recently starting going to thrift stores in search of older typewriters and have acquired a few late 60’s and early 70’s SCMs, and a 1960s Montgomery Ward Signature 513. In researching these models I came across your website, and think it is absolutely great. Was able to use your serial number database and found out that the MW Signature was made in Feb of 1966. Pretty neat.


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  309. Not sure if you’re still doing this but I’d like to be upgraded. Currently adding to my collection.

    1. yep, 6 years on, still doing it (: Upgraded!

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  312. Is there any way to get into direct contact to a subscriber of Typewriterdatabase?with kind regards M.Kusche

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    Username: JeroendeWal

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  317. Mr. Munk,

    My collection has grown from a lonely, broken KHM to almost 20 machines in eight months. Do you hold interventions? :) If not, then starting to share the collection may help me curve my need to collect these wonderful machines. (yeah, right).

    My username is davidbrechbiel. Please upgrade my account to Typewriter Hunter.

    Thank you for your fine resource and your commitment to save this information for future collectors.

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    Coronaboy here.

    I have added a photo and an introduction.

    I would be very grateful if you would add me to the database as a Typewriter Hunter, and would really enjoy adding photos of my collection to your wonderful database.

    Many thanks


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  319. You know… I started an account on your site like 5 years ago or so and had no idea this is what I was supposed to do (that is, write a comment here) to get my status changed to “Hunter.” So… when you can, please do that for “lukiepete”

    Also: Happy holidays and thanks for the great database!!!

    1. Welcome, finally at long last! :D

  320. I would like to be a Typewriter Hunter. I just started a few months ago so I only have 8 typers at the moment.

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  321. I need some help figuring this site out and the typewriter I recently bought.
    Not sure if this is the right page but here’s the thing:

    I bought a Continental Typewriter with Dutch (Holland) keys.
    It looks almost identically to the 1931 Continental Standard, but has an image on the front exactly similar to the 1925 Continental Standard. Under the image it says “Wanderer-Werke A:G. Chemnitz”
    I found a serial number which I can’t find in the database here or on Google, 424809. It has loads of patent numbers on the back which are hardly readable.

    I am hoping someone can help me out determining the model and the year of this version, so I can look up a manual of it and try and do some maintenance to improve its operating skills.


    1. the proper place to ask for that info is on TWDB where other collectors will see it. This post is for people asking for upgrade, not for general questions.

  322. Would love to post: I have some interesting machines.

    1. Wlcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  323. I want to get my acc upgraded so that I could submit galleries. Sorry but no real photo of myself as I choose to remain anonymous :)

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  324. Hi, I’d like to document my typewriters and be upgraded to “typewriter hunter”. Thanks!

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter Hunter! :D

  325. Dear Mr. Munk

    I am not aware about any other way to contact you, therefore I am doing it here. I want to refer about two mistakes on TWDB.

    I know, that you have these informations from some sources and it is not your research (I have seen same mistake in old issue of ETCetera) but Zbrojovka Brno is located in Brno, so statement: Zbrojovka Brno, in Prague, Czechoslovakia… is sadly incorrect. Gun factory Zbrojovka Brno is located in Brno, which is second largest city in the Czech Republic and capital of Moravia. I would like kindly ask you to remove that mistake.

    With all modesty, I would like to propose merging of Zeta and Zeta(Consul) brands together. First desktop standard made after end of short postwar producton of Remington 16 is Zeta. It was accompanied with mid-portable also named Zeta and later export models (weel known ultra-portable) were labeled as Consul and after its succes in the world, all machines carried that name, so Zeta vanished completely. Only fisrt version of desktop was entirely known as Zeta, all other machines were either Zeta or Consul and later on, only Consul.
    So, I find unnecessary to keep them both, I think that best is merging them and left Zeta(consul) version, which is delivering best picture about how it is.

    Second is incorrectly dated Continental of Jaroslav Pochyly collection

    I am sharing enthusiasm of TWDB to be ultimate source of typewriter knowledge and as a quite obsessive person (please, forgive me) I am displeased by this error. Mr. Pochyly has big collection and I don’t wan to blame him about his mistake. I am not just sure, I am certain as hell that this machine is not 1938. It is 1914. I have checked with two ebay examples from 1914, both have this less frequented front decal, which has both old and new factory together on it. I am not an expert to Continental, but I have 10 of them and really know, what ’05, ’08, ’22, ’33, ’28, ’31, ’38, ’39, ’40, ’42 looks like and Mr. Pochyly’s machine is definitely somewhere under ’20!
    On one photo, there can be seen, that serial number is five digit and starts with 7. So it is somewhere above 70000 and thats exactly 1914 acording to database.

    As I said before, I just want to help and improve improve TWDB and I am really glad, that something that awesome is existing!

    Thanks Mr. Munk for all of it.

    Best Wishes, Vlastimil Novák (Schrei112)

    1. ok: fixed that Continental and the Brno notation on Consul..

      Now, Regarding the third item, if I understand correctly, there are *three* potential serial number series under the name “Zeta”, and from the few examples, I see a Remington assembled by Zeta, a Zeta Standard and a couple Zeta-branded Consuls. Because the categories are predicated by the serial number pages that the categories are linked to, there has to be at least two Zeta categories – one that links to the Consul serial page, and one that links to the theoretical page that will eventually contain the age list for the Remington-pattern Zetas (assuming they are not actually Remington series, in which case a third category “Zeta (Remington)” would be needed to link to the Remington page), and the Zeta Standards series list.

      see how it makes sense? :D

      1. (moved this discussion to a guest post, for easier discussion and hardlinked reference)

  326. username: lgaliano79

    Could I please get an upgrade to typewriter hunter so that I can start uploading some collection photos?

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  327. Lewis Fitzgerald-Holland

    Dear Munk,

    I would love to be upgraded to Typewriter hunter so I can add some of my collection info to the database!


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  328. My UN is InfiniteFoamies and I would like to be upgraded please!

    1. Welcome, I think you need the word “drive” in your member description somewhere. :D

  329. Just recently discovered this forum so guess I need to be upgraded to be able to ask questions about my WW 2 German typewriters.