One life for yourself, and one for your dreams…

Weapon of Choice: 1978 Brother Charger 11.

August, 2016 was the last Quiet-Riter pickup – and I was practically tripping over ’em then..

Don’t wanna wait? Want to do all the cleanup and compiling yourself and print it out for free? Knock yerself out! (:

Getting accustomed to a new workflow. I spent a lot of effort getting Photoshop 7 to run in Linux properly, but it was so worth it. There are like 6 or so functions I use all the time that PS7 does, but nothing running natively in Linux can do. I’m ecstatic that I was able to make this work.

Some more satisfied Bible Thumpers. There are certainly worse things to do when you’re cooped up at home than to learn some typewriter repair, fo shoah. (:

No! Bad Don Draper! Improper Social Distancing!

Updated: March 16, 2020 — 10:44 pm


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  1. Looking forward to it!
    The golden age for thrift-store Quiet-Riters around here was around a decade ago. I must have picked up 7 or 8 of them in short order, for $5 apiece.

  2. Seems the sales of any typewriter locally has pretty much dried up due to the greed of the internet. Our local Goodwills send almost anything worth buying to their auction site, even decent amplifiers and other electronics.

  3. I was surprised to win a Remington QR for $9.98. It was in the car when I stopped by Ole Kehlet’s shop with another typewriter for him to look at. He walked out to my car to see the QR–said, “Oh, the ribbon is bone-dry” and scooped it up to roll some BACO ribbon onto the spools with his handy drill and spool spindle rig. That QR is a beautiful typer–skips a little if I am not a careful typer, so it makes me a better typist!

    1. You can fix the skipping by adjusting the escapement trip, y’know (:

  4. I gave so many of those away to kids over the years. They are good, solid typewriters. They lack panache, but some of the best things in the world lack panache.

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