Yankin My Chain & A Woodgrain Linoleum EDCN

Weapons of Choice: EDCN & Thunderbird 2 – Inner cover of my new EDCN, with Woodgrain Linoleum cover inspired by Joe Van Cleave..

Joe Van Cleave’s Prong EDCN
Making the Pen Loop out of black card stock. This will attach to the right edge of the cover. I started with ta cover with a single 1/2″ extension with the mounting holes. This allows the cover to lay flat when open, and is equivalent to the cover he shows in his video. I wanted to upgrade it to a 3-section cover. Adding a middle 1/2″ section to the mount edge of the cover allows it to fold back flat again against the back cover, and also adds that extra 1/2″ to the cover that allows the right edge to overshoot the side of the pad, giving room for the pen loop to mount. Type Pals 01-08-2023
Let’s add a nice decorative marbled liner inside the front cover!

Updated: January 9, 2023 — 12:47 am


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  1. Nice revisions to your EDCN. Gold leaf next?

    1. Give it a try! (:
      Seriously though, seems delicate, might rub off in your pocket.

  2. The Lino cover is nice looking and sturdy. Great for a strong notebook.

    Isn’t that 1-1/2″ hole puncher really cool!?

    I prefer to carry a thin, smallish and as light as possible notebook that fits in a back pocket.

    Therefore, the cover I will use might be more fragile, but lighter.

    The nice thing about the prong fastener notebook idea is that everybody can design their own as they please, and change easily as the whim takes them.

    1. RE: 1 1/2″ puncher – yeah, excellent for punching portholes to view things through, plus makes good door hanger holes (:

      Re: versatility of system; yes, very much – easy to make, cheap found materials, customize to suit your needs or whims. Want to swap the covers each day? the only limit is your imagination. :D

  3. Heh, I like that junk mail art! I love the way your EDCN is evolving, that’s its major attribute, being customizable.

  4. Nice Work !!! Typewriters, notebooks, fountain pens…

  5. It’s… morphing… too fast. Can’t… keep… up.

    I love the wood laminate cover! Nice.

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