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1964 NOMDA Blue Book: Adler Typewriter Font Styles

One of the things I scanned from Bill Wahl’s 1964 National Office Machine Dealer’s Association Blue Book was the large section detailing the typestyles available to customers ordering a typewriter from a dealer. It’s surprising how many different typestyles were offered by each manufacturer, and a great many of these styles are ones I’ve never […]

In Search Of: Clarence Leroy “Rocky” Jones

If you study typewriter history, especially the history of typewriter repair, you are certain to encounter the name “Rocky Jones” at some point. “Rocky” is something of a vague legendary figure in collector circles, mostly in reference to books that collectors cannot find because they are so rare. This past week, I endeavored to find […]

Thrilling Typewriter Database Tales of Terror: The Quest for A Complete Serial Number List for Remington Blind Writers…

I’ll admit freely that I’ve been putting off the task of rebuilding the Typewriter Databases’ Remington serial number page for well over a year. I’ve had the bulk of Source #18 from Richard Polt since then, and it’s been reasonably clear to me that the data it contains is very likely either a direct-from-the-factory master […]

The Return of Little Jake

My old page on Little Jake says he’s a 1934, but I’ve since learned that TW-DB is a bit off sometimes. The 1933 date comes from the NOMDA line book from 1964. Also, those pics don’t really show how nice the paint is. The third picture makes it look like the sides are all filthy […]

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