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1964 NOMDA Blue Book: Adler Typewriter Font Styles

One of the things I scanned from Bill Wahl’s 1964 National Office Machine Dealer’s Association Blue Book was the large section detailing the typestyles available to customers ordering a typewriter from a dealer. It’s surprising how many different typestyles were offered by each manufacturer, and a great many of these styles are ones I’ve never […]

Sundstrand-Underwood Adding and Accounting Machines Dates of Manufacture by Serial Number, and Features and Keyboards Reference

Well, I’ve been making noise about working on adding machine stuff, seeing as I’ve been getting crates of Parts, Service and other dealer documentation on the things lately. This last batch of donated NOMDA Blue Books and an Underwood, Sundstrand and Elliot-Fisher Line Book have given me enough information to finally put together good Age […]

Montgomery Ward Typewriters 1941-1985, Signatures, Forwards and Escorts and why certain rare Royal Typefaces can be found on Brother Typewriters!

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 2” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #B8860433 It’s been a bit since I’ve browsed through Muse Technical’s Department store catalog archive, but the other night someone asked about an 80’s-era Penncrest machine on the FB – and that set me to looking at the archive again. What I’ve found is that […]

The Mystery of the Hermes 3000 Reversed Backspace and Tab keys and New Stuff To Read!

Weapon of Choice: “Easy” 1964 Hermes 3000 #3246817 1959–David_Scadden-Approved_Home_Study_Course_in_Typewriter_Repair_and_Service-V1 1971-Royal-Type_Character_Combination_Catalog 1966-1975-NOMDA_Blue_Book 195x-Remington-Standard-User_Manual 1959-Remington-Standard-User_Manual 1952-Remington-Noiseless_Standard-User_Manual 194x-Remington-Noiseless_Standard-User_Manual 195x-Remington-Fleetwing-User_Manual 1953-Remington-Quiet_Riter-User_Manual 1958-RC_Allen-Visomatic-UserManual 1976-Olivetti-Lexikon_83DL-User_Manual 1970-Facit-1620-User_Manual 1920-Corona_3-User_Manual 196x-Olympia-Electric_50-Userman 196x-Olympia-SG3n-UserMan [Printed & Coil-Bound] [PDF] The Smith-Corona Series 6-7-88 Standard Typewriter Repair Bible is now available in […]

Practical Typewriter Collecting

Good evening, ladies and gents. Today’s sermon is for those who are newly inducted into the exciting world of collecting and admiring the writing machines of the past century. A bold journey awaits you, hidden on dusty shelves in thrift and antique stores, baking in the hot sun on rickety card tables at garage sales, […]