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Montgomery Ward Typewriters 1941-1985, Signatures, Forwards and Escorts and why certain rare Royal Typefaces can be found on Brother Typewriters!

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 2” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #B8860433 It’s been a bit since I’ve browsed through Muse Technical’s Department store catalog archive, but the other night someone asked about an 80’s-era Penncrest machine on the FB – and that set me to looking at the archive again. What I’ve found is that […]

Double-Strike Typewriter Bolding Tests, Part 1

Weapon of Choice: 1972 Royal Mercury – Excellent double-striker! Weapon of Choice: 1970 Royal Sprite – Excellent double-striker! Weapon of Choice: 1978 Brother Charger 11 – Bad double-striker. Weapon of Choice: 1940 Royal Aristocrat – Decent double-striker. Weapon of Choice: 1961 Swissa Junior – Decent double-striker. Weapon of Choice: 1963 Olympia SM-7 – Bad double-striker. […]

TMTRB: Update!

Hey, look what the mailman brought today! The first proofing copy, hot off the press. I estimate another two weeks or so for edits and mailing time for the final proof – then RELEASE! You’ll be able to get your own copy by mid February, I think. The TMTRB, Yes, that’s the Book for me! […]

That touch of Silk…

While my original impression was that the two fractional characters when typed together (similar to the smiley face on GP “Sunshine Script” elements) made a logo that looked like the Union 76 oil company logo, the Professor remarked that it looks more like a logo that was commonly used during the USA Bicentennial celebrations of […]

The IBM Electric Typewriter Catalog (1960)

Another one from the file cabinet of Bill Wahl at Mesa Typewriter Exchange. The IBM Electric Typewriter Catalog of 1960! This one covers the various options and typefaces available on the Model C and Executive Electrics of 1960. If you’re a fan of these early IBM typebar electrics, you should be aware that Bill has […]

1964 NOMDA Blue Book: Adler Typewriter Font Styles

One of the things I scanned from Bill Wahl’s 1964 National Office Machine Dealer’s Association Blue Book was the large section detailing the typestyles available to customers ordering a typewriter from a dealer. It’s surprising how many different typestyles were offered by each manufacturer, and a great many of these styles are ones I’ve never […]